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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Members that earn more than the current monthly salary threshold and are therefore subject to the Senate Bill 1049 Member Redirect are eligible to elect to make additional voluntary, after-tax contributions to make a full 6% contribution to their Individual​ Account Program (IAP) account.

Follow these steps to elect to start or stop​ voluntary contributions in Online Member Services (OMS). You also can submit a paper form to start voluntary contributions.

Starting IAP Voluntary Contributions​

Step One

Log into your OMS ​account.

Step 1 OMS Log-In Screen

Don't have a login? 

Click Open a New Account on the login page and follow the prompts. Once you have created your account, use your new User ID and Password to log into OMS.

Need help?

Find resources at the bottom of this page.​

​Step Two

Click the Member link listed under Account Type

Step 2 OMS Account

Step Three

Click the IAP Voluntary Contribution Election link in the Site Navigation sidebar, or the Update IAP Voluntary Contribution Election link within your Account Summary page.Step 3 Account Summary

Step Four

You are now on the ​IAP Voluntary Contribution Election page.

From this page, you can:

  • Review your election history.
  • Elect to make voluntary contributions on a go-forward basis.

Click the appropriate radio button and click Save to begin making IAP voluntary contributions as of the effective date provided.

Step 4 VC Election Start Button
An example of electing voluntary contributions on a go-forward basis. The effective date will always be at least one month following your request date.

Step Five

You will receive a confirmation message in blue if you successfully completed your election.

Step 5 VC Confirmation

The effective date for your election also will display on your Account Summary page. 

Step 5 VC Account Summary

Stopping IAP Voluntary Contributions

Step One

Members also may request to end their IAP voluntary contributions through OMS. You also can submit a pa​per form​ to stop voluntary contributions.  

From the IAP Voluntary Contribution Election page, select Stop IAP Voluntary Contribution Election, and click Save to discontinue making voluntary IAP contributions. 

Stop Step 1

Step Two

You will receive a confirmation message in blue ​if you successfully completed your discontinuation request.

Stop Step 2 Confirmation

Review your IAP Voluntary Contribution Election

You can view a record of your IAP voluntary contribution elections on the View/Update IAP Voluntary Contribution Election page.

Stop Step 3 Election History

Important information about IAP voluntary contributions, your employer’s role, and effective dates

By electing to make IAP voluntary contributions, you authorize your employer to withhold additional after-tax IAP contributions equal to the amount redirected to your Employee Pension Stability Account (EPSA). Learn more about the redirect and EPSA for Tier One/Tier Two or OPSRP members. 

PERS will provide your employer(s) with your IAP voluntary contribution effective start and – if later requested – discontinuation dates. Your employer will start and stop payroll deductions as soon as possible.

Your “effective date” to start or stop voluntary contributions works as follows:

  • If your election or discontinuation request is received on the first day of a given month, your effective date is the first day of the next month.*
  • If your election or discontinuation request is received on or after the second day of a given month, it will take about two months to go into effect, with the effective date being the first day of the second month.*

Note that if you elect voluntary contributions but later discontinue them, voluntary contributions will continue to be made to your IAP until the effective date is reached for your discontinuation request.

If you have questions about deductions or believe your employer is not correctly withholding your after-tax voluntary contributions, you must contact your employer, which is usually your payroll or human resources department.

*Example: If your election or discontinuation request is received on October 1, your effective date would be November 1. But if you make your election or discontinuation request on or after October 2, your effective date would instead be December 1.

Additional Resources

Note: As PERS works to modernize online access for members, please use Internet Explorer in compatibility mode when logging into your OMS account. Other web browsers may experience functionality issues.


Return to the Senate Bill 1049 information for members webpage​.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), PERS will provide documents on this page in an alternate format upon request. To request a document in an alternate format, call 888-320-7377 (toll free) or TTY 503-603-7766.​