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Member annual statements: Loss of membership FAQ

Note: These statements are sent only to Tier One or Tier Two members who have an account that has entered loss of membership. These statements are mailed each fall, separate from other Member Annual Statements each spring.

If you left PERS-covered employment without being vested and did not return to a PERS-qualifying position within five years, LOM means you lost your PERS membership.

“PERS-qualifying employment” refers to a position or positions in which you worked 600 or more hours in a calendar year with one or more participating public employers.

If you previously worked in PERS-covered positions for different time periods, did not become vested, and did not return to covered employment within five years, you may have entered loss of membership multiple times and therefore receive multiple statements.

However, you may be able to withdraw all of those account balances, provided you meet certain criteria. See the “Can I withdraw my LOM account?” section below.

You could be a PERS member now but have a prior account that went into loss of membership.

For example, if you returned to a PERS-qualifying position and re-established PERS membership after the prior account went into LOM, you could receive an LOM statement.

It will depend on whether you are working again for a PERS-participating employer.

If you are currently working in a qualifying position and have an active membership, yes, your LOM account will be credited with earnings or losses based on Tier Two earnings crediting rates.

If you worked in a qualifying position in the past calendar year but ended that employment, your LOM account will be credited with earnings or losses applicable to the year in which you worked, as part of PERS’ regular annual earnings crediting cycle. However, if you worked only part of the past year, your investment returns will be prorated and calculated based on the monthly investment returns at that time.

It depends:

  • If you are still working for a PERS-participating employer, the answer is no.
  • If you stopped working for all PERS-participating employers, you can withdraw your LOM account balance if it has been at least one full calendar month following the month you stopped working for any and all PERS-participating employers.

If you are eligible to withdraw your LOM balance and wish to do so, you must submit a request using the applicable member application form based on your type of account:

The amount of your withdrawal(s) will be the total of your LOM account balance(s) at the time of withdrawal.

Additional forms and further information about the withdrawal process are available on the Withdrawal information webpage.

No. After a member goes into LOM status, PERS membership and all rights in the system are terminated per Oregon Revised Statutes 238.095(2). Forfeited LOM time cannot be restored or purchased.

Oregon Administrative Rule 459-011-0050 was amended in 2017 to clarify that service time forfeited under LOM is not eligible for purchase.

If you have additional questions, contact PERS Member Services from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 888-320-7377 or email You also can use PERS’ Submit a Question form online.

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