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Enacted 2011 PERS legislation


The Oregon State Legislature enacted eight bills impacting PERS in the 2011 regular session.

TopicEffective date
HB 2113 PERS Agency BillAugust 5, 2011
HB 2456 Out-of-State Tax Remedy RepealAugust 2, 2011
SB 76 Corrections OfficersJune 14, 2011
SB 301 Federal Tax ReconnectSeptember 29, 2011
SB 353 Scriveners' BillJanuary 1, 2012
SB 405 University PoliceJune 23, 2011
SB 242 Creates Higher Education Coordinating CommissionJuly 20, 2011
HB 2100 Oregon Health Authority Agency BillAugust 5, 2011


HB 2113

PERS Agency Bill
The technical corrections introduced at PERS' request by the Governor remained unchanged in this bill: modifications to the retirement plan options for legislators; clean-up of the eligible trustee to trustee transfer retirement credit purchases; and fixing the vesting dates for OPSRP and IAP accounts. The bill was also amended to include the provisions of HB 2114, dealing with the dual membership problem of members who withdraw from the IAP but are prohibited from withdrawing from OPSRP Pension. Lastly, another amendment was made to authorize OSGP to offer a Roth 457 account to conform to the change in federal law. The bill provides Other Fund limitation of $475,600 for implementing the change to the OPSRP vesting standard.

Text of HB 2113 

HB 2456

Out-of-State Tax Remedy Repeal
Prohibits PERS from paying an increased benefit under the tax remedy provisions of HB 3349 (1995) if a person is not a resident of Oregon or not subject to Oregon personal income tax. Applicable only to otherwise eligible members who retire on or after January 1, 2012. Provides Other Fund limitation of $570,000 for implementation.

Text of HB 2456

SB 76

Corrections Officers
Expands the definition of "correction officer" at ORS 181.610 to include officers who supervise other corrections officers. The PERS definition of "police officer" cross-references that statute, so these officers would clearly be included as P&F members in PERS.

Text of SB 76

SB 301

Federal Tax Reconnect
Updates connection date to federal Internal Revenue Code and other provisions of federal tax law.

Text of SB 301

SB 353

Scriveners' Bill
This measure contains 81 pages of non-substantive statutory clean-up offered by Legislative Counsel. While having no substantive impact, it does alphabetize the definitions in ORS Chapter 238, changing the numerical designation of every definition. This requires review of OARs, Business Rules, and other publications which might cite directly to a definition.

Text of SB 353

SB 405

University Police
Allows State Board of Higher Education to authorize the establishment of a university police department at the request of a public university. The measure modifies ORS Chapter 238 definitions to include commissioned university police within the definition of "police officer" for PERS purposes.

Text of SB 405

SB 242

Create Higher Education Coordinating Commission
Creates Higher Education Coordinating Commission and provides greater autonomy to public institutions of higher education independent of the rest of state government. Technical amendments offered by PERS avoid any substantive changes to plan administration. One section of the bill requires the State Board of Higher Education to establish a committee to evaluate options for its optional retirement plan under ORS Chapter 243.

Text of SB 242

HB 2100

Oregon Health Authority Agency Bill
This bill amends several statutes related to the Oregon Health Authority, which was previously carved out of the Department of Human Services. One provision amends the current return to work exception for a deputy director or assistant director of the Department of Human Services to include a deputy or assistant director of the Oregon Health Authority upon approval by the Governor.

Text of HB 2100