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Current earnings

Each year’s earnings or losses are applied the following year after being approved by the PERS Board and the Legislature. Current earnings are listed on the Annual Earnings Crediting webpage.

Earnings crediting

Find current and past earnings rates on the Annual Earnings Crediting webpage.

Earnings crediting is an annual process of adding the amount of interest earned (or deducting the amount lost) to the various reserves within the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund, based on the accounts’ totals on December 31 of the previous year.

Every spring, earnings (or losses) are applied to accounts that are invested by the Oregon Treasury, including IAP, EPSA, variable accounts, Tier One regular accounts, and Tier Two regular accounts.

Prior-year earnings (PYE)

Employers who do not get all their records for a calendar year posted by the following year’s March 5 statement are invoiced for their employees’ earnings. Learn more about PYE on the Paying for PERS webpage.