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General instructions

This page provides instructions for filling out and submitting a form to PERS.

For instructions on filling out a particular form, go to that form on the Employer Forms, Certification Forms, or Member Forms webpage.

If you have Adobe Acrobat, use the instructions below to electronically fill out and sign a form. If you can’t get Acrobat, scroll down to the “Instructions for non-Adobe Acrobat Users.” Read “Sending the Form to PERS” to see options for submitting the form.

Instructions for Adobe Acrobat users

  1. Click the linked name of the form. It will open in another window of your browser.
  2. Download the form to your computer by clicking the download icon. The form will open in Adobe Acrobat (if it doesn’t, locate the form and open it).
  3. In Acrobat, click on each field that is highlighted in light blue and fill it in.
  4. Sign the form and acquire other signatures:
    Electronically —
    1. In the menu, choose E-Sign>Fill & Sign Yourself to add your electronic signature.
    2. If the form requires a second signature, go to E-Sign>Request E-signatures and enter the email address of the person whose signature you need. Acrobat will email the form to that person and request their e-signature.
    Manually —
    1. When you have finished filling in the form, print it.
    2. Sign it and gather any other necessary signatures.

Instructions for non-Adobe Acrobat users

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, follow these instructions to fill out and sign a form.

  1. Fill out the form in your browser window and print it (or print it first and fill it in by hand with pen).
  2. Acquire the necessary signatures (in blue or black pen).

Sending the form to PERS

By fax: 503-603-7626 (Attention: Employer Service Center)

By email: Scan and email form(s) and documentation to (Do not include full Social Security numbers.)

By mail: Mail the form(s) and documentation to the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System, PO Box 23700, Tigard, OR 97281-3700.

In person: Deliver the form(s) and documentation to the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System office at 11410 SW 68th Parkway, Tigard, Oregon.