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What can I do in OMS?

Nonretired member

Explore the following topics to learn more about what you can find and do in Online Member Services (OMS).

​How many benefit estimates can I generate online and how long are they stored in the database?

You may create as many benefit estimates as you would like. However, the system will only store the six most recent estimates. These estimates will be available until a benefit is processed. How current is the data used in my benefit estimate(s)? The data used is the most current information that your employer(s) has provided. Normally, employers report data to PERS monthly so there could be a lag. Account balances are current as of December 31 of the previous year.

Where can I get more information on "buy backs" or "purchases?"

Voluntary Purchases and Other Opportunities for Additional Service Time Credit at Retirement for Tier One and Tier Two Members

Why is my "waiting time" purchase cost $0.00?

Your employer may not have reported income for your first year of employment, or the information may not be in the system. This information will be retrieved for a written benefit estimate. Request a written benefit estimate.

Why is service time shown in months instead of years?

Statute directs that accrued service time is earned in months.

Why doesn't the retirement calculation method show on my benefit estimate?

The calculation method was not programmed into Online Member Services. Your benefit estimate (if Tier One or Tier Two) is based on the method (Money Match, Full Formula, or Formula Plus Annuity) that provides the highest benefit. Virtually all Tier Two members will retire under the Full Formula method and all OPSRP Pension Program members retire under a separate formula.

Why can't I enter my unused vacation hours to count toward my final average salary?

Unused vacation time is not used toward final average salary for Tier Two and OPSRP Pension Program members.

Why is my benefit estimate in OMS vastly different from the written benefit estimate I received from PERS?

If you have a divorce on file at PERS or were a member of TIAA CREF (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund), the system is unable to calculate these benefits accurately. Please keep in mind that this is an "estimate" and the information provided determines the accuracy of the calculation.

Tier One/Tier Two
How to produce a General Service Benefit Estimate

How to produce a General Service Benefit Estimate

Judge Members
How to produce a General Service Benefit Estimate

​How are my employment segments sorted?

Employment segments are sorted by hire date.

What is the significance of the light-blue band on this screen?

This highlights your hire date with each of your employers. Other bands show position changes.

Why does my account show that I was terminated on June 30, 2003?

The termination was a programming tool to administer the 2003 PERS Reform legislation. Your service time was not interrupted.

​How do I view my current year contributions?

Click on the "IAP Account Access" link from your account home page. Your IAP log-in user ID and password are different from your Online Member Services account log-in.

How do judge members view current year contributions?

Contributions for judge members will display in the account summary.

​​Is the information shown the same as what was used on my last annual statement?

Your account balance online is updated annually when earnings are posted for the previous calendar year ending December 31. This is normally done in late March or early April. Annual statements are then produced based on the updated account balance. Your account balance is updated only once a year. Your account balance will match your annual statement until earnings are posted for the next year.

Service credit is dynamic so it will be more current than what was displayed on your most recent annual statement.

​​What information is shown on the screen?

Your gross salary is shown and includes all salary reported by your employer(s).

How often is my service credit updated?

Service credit is updated around the middle of a month and is current.

How do I earn service credit?

Service credit is earned when you are employed in a qualifying position. Leaves of absences and non-qualifying positions do not earn service credit.

I believe some of the data on my account is incorrect. How do I get it changed?

If there is information on your account that you believe to be inaccurate and you are within two years of your earliest eligible retirement date, you can submit a data verification request using OMS.

Do you have questions about educational service credit?

Read our School employees webpage for more information.

Inactive member


Before submitting a withdrawal request, be sure to read our Withdrawal information webpage. On that page, you’ll find important information about how withdrawals can impact your PERS benefits as well as required forms you will need.

Once my withdrawal application is submitted, how long will it take before I receive the payout?

The withdrawal process is normally 90-180 days.

You can see if your withdrawal is pending or completed by checking the application status.

​​If I change my address online, how long will it take for the change to be made?

Addresses are changed in the system immediately.

Will you notify me that the address change is completed?

You will see a green information box on the screen that states "Your Personal Information has been updated."


​​I misplaced my username for OMS access. How do I request my username?

Contact Member Services at 888-320-7377. For security purposes, a Member Services agent will verify your identity and provide you with your username.

I have forgotten my password. How can I get my password?

PERS staff does not keep your password on file for security reasons. Use this link to reset your password.

I am locked out of my account. How do I get my account unlocked?

Contact Member Services at 888-320-7377. An agent can unlock your account.

How do I create a new OMS account?

Read our step-by-step instructions for more information.

When I type my zip code +4 into the zip code field, it states that the information is incorrect. How do I correct the issue?

Online Member Services only recognizes the first five digits when validating account information. If you remove the +4 data from your zip code, the field should be correct.

OMS will not allow me to use my email address as my username. Why not?

For security purposes, email addresses cannot be used because they are easy to obtain.

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