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Tier One/Tier Two benefit estimate FAQs

The following FAQs provide additional information about benefit estimates for Tier One/Tier Two members only. 

For full details about how PERS benefit estimates work, go to the Benefit estimates webpage.

Check out our Tier One/Tier Two p​urchases web​page for details about buying service and waiting time.

Note for Police and Firefighter (P&F) mem​bers:

PERS is aware of an issue that P&F members are experiencing when attempting to check the cost of their P&F units while creating a benefit estimate through their Online Member Services (OMS) account.

PERS is working to correct the issue as soon as possible.

If you are within two years or your retirement date, you can submit your Tier One or Tier Two benefit estimate request by mail or by fax to request a P&F units purchase letter, which will include the cost of your remaining P&F units.

If you are considering a purchase at retirement, PERS recommends you request a written benefit estimate, whic​h will show you which purchases, if any, are available to you. A written benefit estimate also will show the estimate cost of those purchases.

Another benefit of getting a written benefit estimate is that once it’s completed, you’ll be able to see purchase information in benefit estimates you generate in Online Member Services (OMS).

Your employer may not have reported income for your first year of employment or the information may not be in the system. This information will be retrieved for a written benefit estimate.

Only Tier One members can apply unused vacation time toward their final average salary. By law, it is not an option for Tier Two and Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan (OPSRP) members.

State law sets “months” as the unit for accrual of service time, so that this is the unit PERS uses to show you how much service time you have earned.

If you have a divorce on file at PERS or were a member of the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA ), the system is unable to calculate these benefits accurately. Keep in mind that information provided determines the accuracy of estimate calculations.​