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2017 earnings crediting

The PERS Board adopted the following earnings factors and reserve amounts for calendar year 2017 at its April 2, 2018 meeting:



Tier One Member Regular*7.50%
Tier Two Member Regular15.23%
Individual Account Program**14.72%


2017 reserving/crediting

Reserve/AccountBalance Before 2017 Crediting ($ millions)Final 2017 Crediting Amount 
($ millions)
Final Ending Reserve Balance ($ millions)
Tier One Member Regular Accounts3,907.5293.04,200.5
Tier One Rate Guarantee180.8329.7510.5
Benefits in Force (BIF)21,298.13,244.424,542.5
Tier Two Member Regular Accounts833.5127.0960.5
OPSRP Pension3,562.5548.64,111.1
UAL Lump-Sum Payment Side Accounts4,765.1792.55,557.6
IAP Accounts7,794.81,117.88,912.6
TOTAL $66,594.6 $10,139.6 $76,734.2 

*By law, Tier One members receive the PERS Board-adopted assumed interest rate in effect each calendar year. See OAR 459-007-0005 (11).

**Please note that starting in 2018, the investment strategy of the IAP changed from a one-size-fits-all approach to target-date funds (TDFs) that reduce investment risk and volatility as members age. In 2019, instead of a single earnings rate for IAP accounts, PERS will derive earnings rates across 10 TDFs. Because PERS only credits member IAP accounts as part of annual earnings crediting, non-retired members will not see investment returns until spring 2019 (reflecting calendar year 2018 returns). Learn more at