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FirstNet Outreach

Oregon began to build stakeholder awareness for FirstNet in the fall of 2013, coordinating and conducting outreach presentations at state, local and tribal conferences and events. In 2014, under the NTIA SLIGP education and outreach program, Oregon’s outreach efforts focused on “whistle stop” drop-in visits at stakeholder locations across Oregon for face-to-face interactions and conversations about FirstNet. Outreach continued in 2015-2017, including a series of summer workshops focused on data collection to solicit stakeholder feedback on network coverage objectives, user and operational areas, and device and application usage as input to FirstNet regarding the NPSBN needs of Oregon’s public safety community.

In addition to recurring State Interoperability Executive Council (SIEC) and Oregon Broadband Advisory Committee (OBAC) meetings, the following is a listing of locations, conferences, events, and stakeholders that have been visited as part of Oregon’s FirstNet education and awareness outreach activities. 

 FirstNet Outreach


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