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Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is authorized to perform all functions and do all acts, between meetings, which the SIEC might do during regular meetings, except for amendment of the SIEC Charter or Strategic Plan. This committee has the power to convene or poll itself by majority vote in order to deal with time sensitive issues. During such an interim period, its decisions shall be final in matters determined "reasonable and proper."
 Any decision made by the Executive Committee must be consistent with the formally adopted mission and be ratified at the next full SIEC meeting.
The Executive Committee is comprised of the SIEC Chair and Vice-Chair along with the Chairs of each SIEC Committee.

Broadband Committee

Generate useful information on and analysis of broadband public safety needs, issues, trends and applications for the SIEC Executive Committee and full Council. 

Technical Committee
The mission of the Technical Committee is to serve as the technical research and advisory resource for the Oregon State Interoperability Executive Council; assure that all government agencies in Oregon have the opportunity to participate in SIEC technical discussions and in formulating recommendations for the SIEC.

Partnership Committee

The mission of the Partnership Committee is to maximize resource sharing and interoperability of communications.

Strategic Planning Committee
The mission of the Strategic Planning Committee is to develop the framework of the State Interoperability Executive Council's strategic plan and to monitor and report the implementation of the council's goals and objectives. Included will be assisting committees in developing charters, goals and objectives in support of the SIEC's strategic plan.