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82nd Avenue Projects
ODOT has several construction projects taking place on 82nd Avenue (OR 213) over the next few years, as well as a larger planning project that is looking into future​ opportunities to improve the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors in the area. These projects will make 82nd Avenue safer for all users.

Construction Projects

NE Sandy Boulevard Safety Improvement Project

Construction complete.
Intersection Safety Project​ (at E Burnside Street, SE Stark Street, SE Washington Street, SE Yamhill Street, SE Mill Street, and SE Division Street)

Construction planned from February 2016 - early 2017*
Logo for 82nd Signal Upgrade Project at Foster, Woodstock, Flavel
Signal Upgrades Project​ at SE Foster, SE Woodstock, and SE Flavel

Construction planned from winter - fall 2018*
82nd Logo_Duke.png
SE Duke Street Safety Improvement Project

Construction complete. ​
Lindy Street to Mt Scott Creek Bridge Paving Project

Phase 1: Completed paving from Mt Scott Creek Bridge to King Road in August 2015
Phase 2 and 3: Construction expected to start in spring 2017*

* The schedule is subject to change due to weather and site conditions.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can pedestrian and bicycle safety be improved on 82nd Avenue?
ODOT is working with our partners (City of Portland, Clackamas County and TriMet) to make improvements as funds become available. The current projects are a start at improving safety for all travelers

ODOT owns, improves, and maintains the roadway from curb to curb, but ownership of the sidewalks and traffic signals are owned, improved, and maintained by the City of Portland within the city boundary. Learn more about the City of Portland's sidewalk repair program

Many areas of 82nd Avenue have developed around auto-oriented uses, so wide and frequent driveways are common. ODOT works with local property owners during a project to understand how a driveway is used, if it is up to the current permitted width, and if there are opportunities to make the sidewalk more accessible as part of a bigger project. 

How can I get my local street paved?
Many streets near 82nd Avenue are unpaved or gravel; however, these are not ODOT owned streets. The City of Portland has more information about this topic and explain ways to get your street paved. 

​What about the bus rapid transit project? What's happening with the new TriMet​​ project on 82nd Avenue? 
Metro is conducting a Powell-Division Transit and Development Project​ to determine where to add "bus rapid transit" on these two busy roadways between Portland and Gresham. New bus service could begin as early as 2020. The study is still underway, but one option being considered connects Powell and Division along 82nd Avenue. ODOT is working closely with Metro on this project. 

I'm concerned about increased traffic on local side streets; what should I do?
During construction, ODOT works closely with the owners of local streets (on 82nd Avenue that is the City of Portland and Clackamas County) as well as local law enforcement to monitor increased traffic on side streets and to enforce traffic laws. Since ODOT doesn't own the local side streets off of 82nd Avenue, we recommend that you contact the City of Portland or Clackamas County​ about your concerns. 
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How can I get more information?

If you have questions or comments about these projects, please contact Terra Lingley, ODOT Senior Planner at 503-731-8232 or Terra.M.Lingley@odot.state.or.us​​ during regular business hours.


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