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Interstate 84 Paving: Interstate 5 to Interstate 205



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Current Status

Project Completed - Sept 6, 2013
Initial construction began in April 2013 and all work will be complete in fall 2013.


In order to complete construction as quickly as possible and with the least impact to motorists, the contractor will complete the majority of the work during three weekend closures of I-84, one direction at a time.


Project Information

In summer 2013, ODOT will repave I-84 in both directions between I-5 and I-205 in Portland. The pavement has become severely rutted since it was last paved in 2002. The new project will remove and replace the old asphalt to improve safety and mobility. 
Elements of the Project
  • Repave I-84 in both directions
  • Repave most of the I-84 on and off-ramps
  • Install new signs and new lane striping
  • Restripe the lanes on I-84 westbound at the I-5 merge to improve safety and traffic flow
  • Repair and pave the NE Halsey Street overpass over 82nd Avenue (OR 213) and I-84
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Traffic Impacts
  • Three full weekend closures of I-84, in one direction or the other, for grinding, paving, restriping and sign replacement
  • Four full nighttime closures of I-84, one direction at a time, if needed.
  • The NE Halsey Street overpass at 82nd Avenue (OR 213) will be closed for 2-3 nights in early July for repairs and paving. This work cannot occur during the full weekend closures because Halsey Street is one of the available alternate routes.
  • Nighttime lane closures and ramp closures, if needed, for finishing work.


Please check our weekly project update page to determine what traffic impacts will be for a particular week.


This summer, ODOT will also be building a separate project to add a new exit lane on I-84 eastbound between the Halsey Street and I-205 northbound exits. Learn more.


Restriping the I-84 Westbound Merge with I-5

Currently on I-84 westbound at the merge with I-5, there is one dedicated lane for I-5 southbound, one dedicated lane for I-5 northbound, one exit-only lane for the Rose Garden and Convention Center and one lane in the middle that can be used to access either I-5 northbound or I-5 southbound in this area. 
Recent examination of traffic volumes at the merge showed that during peak travel times, twice as many vehicles travel from I-84 westbound to I-5 southbound than to I-5 northbound and the Convention Center/Rose Garden exit. In order to help reduce the large number of rear-end and sideswipe collisions that result from last-minute lane changes in this busy area, ODOT will restripe the I-84 westbound merge as follows:
  • Two dedicated exit-only lanes from I-84 westbound to I-5 southbound.
  • One dedicated exit-only lane from I-84 westbound to I-5 northbound/Convention Center and Rose Quarter.
Why is restriping the lanes necessary?
#1: It will improve safety
Over the past five years, there have been 237 collisions on I-84 westbound between the Convention Center/Rose Quarter exit ramp and 33rd Avenue. Of these, 31 occurred between the Grand Avenue overpass and the ramp for Convention Center/Rose Quarter.
Of the 237 collisions that have occurred between the Convention Center/Rose Quarter ramp and 33rd Avenue, 95% have been rear end or sideswipe collisions resulting from traffic merging and weaving to get into the correct lanes and from the speed reductions and congestion that result from these actions.
The restriping and signage upgrades will help reduce motorist confusion in this area and the collisions that result by providing clearly marked dedicated exit-only lanes.
#2: It will improve traffic flow
I-84 westbound at the I-5 merge carries 76,280 vehicles in an average day. Of this, 67% exit to I-5 southbound, 28% exit to I-5 northbound and 5% exit to the Convention Center/Rose Quarter.
ODOT research shows that the primary cause of traffic congestion approaching the merge is motorists making last-minute lane changes as they try to make their exit and because motorists heading to I-5 northbound must share the center lane with motorists heading to I-5 southbound up to the split.
Currently, I-84 westbound is operating at capacity terms of the amount of traffic it can carry at the current speed limit. However, the current conditions create a situation where the right lane is underused and middle lane is overused because it handles both I-5 northbound and southbound traffic. The only time I-84 westbound nears maximum capacity in this area is during the weekday morning rush hour (6 a.m. – 8 a.m.), when average traffic volumes are the highest and average speeds are the lowest, and when traffic on I-5 northbound backs up due to collisions or other unexpected events.
Will this change cause more traffic congestion for motorists exiting to I-5 northbound or the Convention Center/Rose Quarter?
The restriping and signing improvements are expected to reduce last-minute lane changes and the associated traffic congestion that currently occurs during the morning commute. The only potential negative impact to traffic would be if there was an event at the Rose Quarter during the weekday rush hour (6-8 a.m.), or if traffic on I-5 northbound backed up onto I-84 due to a collision or other unexpected incident.
Evening and weekend traffic volumes are much less than what is seen during the weekday morning rush hour—well below capacity—so traffic congestion would not increase due to the restriping during those times. The ramp to the Convention Center/Rose Garden has space for 80 vehicles between the Holladay Street signal and the start of the ramp. Existing traffic congestion on this ramp caused by MAX trains crossing at the Holladay Street intersection would not change.


Questions? Please contact:

Ed Sale
Community Affairs Coordinator
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