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Sandy at 105th Avenue Safety Project

Project overview

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) completed the safety project at the intersection of NE Sandy Boulevard (US 30 Bypass) and NE 105th Avenue from June through mid-July 2016. 

Looking east on Sandy Boulevard before (left) and after construction (right) - click on photo for a larger version. 

The project: 

  • Created a separate turn lane and traffic light for motorists to safely turn left (southbound) from NE Sandy Boulevard onto NE 105th Avenue by removing a tree filled median.
  • Added a new left turn lane from NE 105th Avenue (northbound) to NE Sandy Boulevard (westbound)
  • Installed crosswalk buttons with a countdown to help pedestrians and bicyclists safely cross NE Sandy Boulevard
  • Built improved sidewalk ramps on the south side of NE Sandy Boulevard (to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act standards - ADA)
  • Included new traffic signals that have reflective backboards, to make them more visible to motorists

Project benefits

This project will have many benefits to the community and motorists traveling on NE Sandy Boulevard and NE 105th Avenue, including:

Mobility/congestion relief: 
  • This project will allow motorists to turn southbound from NE Sandy Boulevard onto NE 105th Avenue safely at a signalized intersection. It will also provide a left turn lane from NE 105th Avenue (northbound) to NE Sandy Boulevard (westbound). 
  • New sidewalk ramps on the south side​ of NE Sandy will make it easier for people using the sidewalks to cross the street. 
  • Some motorists were making the turn from NE Sandy Boulevard onto NE 105th Avenue, even though it was not allowed, causing crashes and unsafe conditions for other cars and pedestrians. This project will reduce the number of near misses and crashes. 
  • There were a high number of crashes from cars turned left (north) from NE Sandy Boulevard onto NE 105th Avenue. This project created a dedicated time for cars to make this turn without competing with eastbound traffic on NE Sandy Boulevard. 
  • The new traffic signals aree easier to see in all weather conditions, helping to ensure that motorists are aware of and will stop at the traffic signals.  
  • The new pedestrian activated countdown signals will help pedestrians know how much time they have to cross the street. 
ODOT selects safety improvement projects based on crash history and the severity of crashes on ODOT right-of-way. Crash data from 2005-2014 indicates that there were 65 crashes at NE Sandy and 105th. The most common crash types were turning and rear-end crashes. Four pedestrian/bike crashes were also recorded at this intersection. 

What is the project timeline?

  • November 2014 - June 2016*: Design phase
    • The project details are finalized in preparation for construction.
  • June - July 2016*: Construction phase is complete
* Schedule may change due to weather, availability of materials, and site conditions.

How can I get more information?

If you have questions or comments about this project please contact Brandy Steffen, ODOT Community Affairs Coordinator at 503-731-8230 or Brandy.Steffen@odot.state.or.us

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