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OR99W Newbury Street and Vermont Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project
Traffic Impacts
The speed limit on Barbur Boulevard will be reduced to 35 m.p.h.
 in the construction zone, 24 hours a day.
Construction Traffic Impacts
Revised March 2014
Shorter Project Duration
ODOT has revised its plans to rehabilitate the Newbury and Vermont Street bridges on Barbur Boulevard so the project will be completed in a shorter time with no night or weekend work.   ODOT now restrict traffic to one lane in each direction on one bridge at a time.  The other bridge will have all lanes open.  See construction phase diagrams below.
The lane closures will occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The start of construction and its traffic impacts have been delayed.  The closures are expected to start in early May.
This new plan reduces construction time to only 4 months. Originally, the project was going to last 7 months in 2014 and one additional month in 2015 with night and weekend work and detours.  This revised plan also eliminates project noise at night.
To meet the shorter timeline, the contractor will close one lane in each direction.  The lanes will be reduced on one bridge at a time during its construction. The other bridge will have all lanes open. This may result in more daytime congestion, but over a shorter period of time. 
The intersection of Barbur Boulevard and Parkhill Drive will be closed periodically.
No Night Work or Weekend Detours
There will be no nighttime work or weekend closures or detours during construction.  All work will be done during daytime hours unless an unexpected need for additional work hours arises.
Bicyclists To Share Wider Travel Lane with Motorists
During construction on each bridge, bicyclists will share a wider lane (14 feet versus the current 12-foot-lane) with motor vehicles during the 4-month lane closure.  On weekends and evenings, the contractor will open the construction zone as separated lane for bicyclists. Lighting will be provided to illuminate the shared bike lanes. This new plan eliminates the use of steel plate crossings for bicyclists. Bicycles will not be required to detour off Barbur Boulevard at any point during construction.
The new bicycle beacons activation sensor will be inaccessible, intermittently when the bike lane closest to the beacon is closed for construction. The walkways on the bridges will also be available for bicyclists unless they are under construction.
The walkways across the bridges will be closed to bicyclists and pedestrians periodically.
Work Affects Pedestrians
The bridge walkways will be closed in one direction during construction on each bridge.  No accommodations will be made for pedestrians in the construction zone.
TriMet Bus Stop Closed
The TriMet bus stops near the two bridges will be closed during the project.  The closest stops will be at the Rasmussen Village Apartments at the north end of the project and Southwest 2nd Avenue at the south end of the project.
Construction Issues
Newbury and Vermont Street Bridge Deck Repairs
Construction Issues and Solutions
Problem: The concrete pavement next to the bridge deck joints across both bridges has deteriorated.  This has allowed water to get inside the joints, rusting the steel rebar inside the bridge deck and causing other damage.
Solution: Repair the concrete deck at the bridge joints. ODOT will improve drainage and improve the ramps leading to the existing walkways.
Problem: The drains on the bridge decks regularly get clogged with dirt and debris, causing water to run across the bridges resulting in standing water.
Solution: Improve the drainage system on the bridges.   
Vermont Street Bridge Cap Replacement
Problem: The Vermont Bridge has wooden caps at both ends of the bridge, which are rotting and cracking due to water seeping in over the last 78 years. If these caps are not replaced, the bridge will be weight restricted – preventing heavy vehicles, like trucks and Tri-Met buses, from using this part of Barbur Boulevard.
Solution:  Remove the old wooden caps from both ends of the bridge and replace them with steel caps.
Project Contact:
Susan Hanson, Community Affairs Coordinator
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