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Congestion Pricing Pilot Program (Portland Metro Area)
House Bill 2001 passed the 2009 Oregon Legislative Assembly and was signed by Governor Kulongoski into law on July 29, 2009.  Section 3 of HB 2001 contains a mandate for ODOT to implement one or more congestion pricing pilot programs in Portland and study the effects, commencing no later than September 29, 2012.  This law requires ODOT to develop one or more pilot programs in cooperation with Clackamas County, Multnomah County, Washington County, the City of Portland and Metro.  Accordingly, ODOT has formed the Congestion Pricing Advisory Committee consisting of elected officials from these governmental jurisdictions with the manager of ODOT Region 1 as chair.

Section 3 of the Jobs and Transportation Act (House Bill 2001)
(1) The Department of Transportation, in cooperation with Clackamas County, Multnomah County, Washington County, the City of Portland and a metropolitan service district organized under ORS chapter 268 shall develop one or more pilot programs and implement congestion pricing in the Portland metropolitan area and study the effect congestion pricing may have on reducing traffic congestion. Pilot programs may include, but need not be limited to, time-of-day pricing with variable tolls.
(2) At least one pilot program shall be implemented no later than 36 months after the effective date of this 2009 Act.
(3) A pilot program implemented under this section may not apply to motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,001 pounds or more.
(4) The department shall expend all of the funds generated by a pilot program in excess of the costs of the program in the Portland metropolitan area, to be used as allowed by section 3a, Article IX of the Oregon Constitution.
(5) No later than December 1 of each year, the department shall report to the appropriate House and Senate interim committees related to transportation and revenue on the work of the department in designing and implementing the pilot programs.  Read ODOT's 2010 Congestion Pricing Pilot Program Report.
HB 2001.3 Legislative Report

Assessment of Congestion Pricing and HB 2001
View the full report here (note: this file is 5.5 MB)

Congestion Pricing Advisory Committee
Andy Duyck - Chair-Elect, Washington County Commission
Lynn Peterson - Chair, Clackamas County Commission
Jeff Cogen - Chair, Multnomah County Commission
Kathryn Harrington - Metro Councilor for District 4
Sam Adams - Mayor, City of Portland                  
Jason Tell - ODOT Region 1 Manager

Congestion Pricing Proposals
CPAC member jurisdictions submitted congestion pricing pilot proposals for consideration by the Technical Advisory Committee and by CPAC. Three proposals met minimum selection criteria and advanced for technical analysis: Cornelius Pass Road Toll, Highway 217 Select Ramp Toll, and City of Portland Parking Management. After considering the results of the analysis, CPAC recommended proceeding with the City of Portland Parking Management proposal as the congestion pricing pilot at their April 2011 meeting. They did not recommend implementation of either of the road tolling proposals. A description of the pilot program process to date and CPAC's full recommendations can be found in their April 6, 2011 memo to the Oregon Transportation Commission.
Shown below is the evaluation of the road tolling proposals in the Portland Metro area (and its appendices), finalized May 2011.
  • Main report
  • Appendix A - Technical Memorandum 1A: Project Criteria and Measures of Effectiveness
  • Appendix B - Technical Memorandum 1B: Benefits/Limitations of Travel Demand Modeling for Concept Viability Analysis
  • Appendix C - Technical Approach for Traffic and Transportation Analysis
  • Appendix D - OR 217 Capital and Operating Costs
  • Appendix E - Cornelius Pass Road Capital and Operating Costs
  • Appendix F - Range of potential traffic and revenues for the OR 217 Project
  • Appendix G - Range of potential traffic and revenues for the Cornelius Pass Road Project
  • Appendix H - Violation Revenues and Expenses
  • Appendix I - Travel Demand Model Sufficiency
  • Appendix J - Congestion Pricing Survey Results – OR 217
  • Appendix K - Congestion Pricing Survey Results – Cornelius Pass Road
  • Appendix L - Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report
  • Appendix M - EconomicAnalysiss and Benefit-Cost Analysis
Additional analysis to support future phases of the City of Portland Parking Management proposal is continuing during summer of 2011. Implementation of this pilot began in spring 2011 with event parking pricing around Jeld-Wen Field during Timbers games.

ODOT Contact Information
Shelli Romero, ODOT Region 1 Public Policy & Community Affairs Manager
123 NW Flanders
Portland, OR  97209
PH: (503) 731-8231
Email: Shelli.Romero@odot.state.or.us