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OR 99E (McLoughlin Boulevard): Naef Road to the Clackamas River Bridge



Current Project Update:

UPDATE: Roadway paving on McLoughlin Boulevard has begun and the contractor will continue in July.
**Roadway paving on McLoughlin will continue in July 2014**
The contractor continues underground electrical work for traffic signals and sidewalk work. The contractor will also continue paving driveways, full depth repairs and narrow slots. Expect shoulder and lane closures along McLoughlin Boulevard Sunday through Saturday while the contractor continues their work. **The contractor will continue paving the roadway in July.**
Here is information regarding planned work along the project corridor:
  • Starting at 7 p.m. tonight, July 10, ODOT contractors will work on pavement repairs, driveway paving and intersection paving. Crews will begin at Roethe Road and work their way in the southbound direction. They may start in the northbound direction at midnight.
  • Friday night, July 11, crews will continue working in the northbound direction doing pavement repairs, driveway paving and intersection paving.
  • No work is planned for Saturday night, July 12.
  • **Starting at 7 p.m., Sunday, July 13, roadway paving on McLoughlin Boulevard will begin. Crews will pave the right lane and shoulders in the southbound direction (starting at Roethe Road)**
    • Paving will continue where they left off in the southbound direction on Monday night, July 14 and they will pave to the Clackamas River Bridge.
    • Paving will continue in the northbound direction next week and will continue throughout the week.
**Business access will be open during the day; however, expect delays to exit or enter driveways at night during paving work. Please note: this is a moving operation. Paving equipment and trucks will be present along the project area and in front of driveways during paving work.  The freshly laid pavement needs to be rolled and cooled before any cars can drive over it, resulting in delays to exit or enter driveways at night. **
Night Work on McLoughlin Boulevard for Paving Project Scheduled to Begin
The contractor has started night work to begin saw-cutting work and pavement repairs on McLoughlin Boulevard from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. and will continue in preparation for the roadway paving work (scheduled to begin the week of June 16, 2014). *Note: Some work may extend past 6 a.m. 
All work is scheduled for completion by fall 2014.
*Please note: schedules are subject to change due to weather and site conditions. 
McLoughlin Boulevard Paving Alert
Noise Alert
Click here for Paving/Noise Alert in PDF format.
A contractor for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has started grinding and paving the roadway on OR 99E (McLoughlin Boulevard) between Naef Road and the Clackamas River Bridge
In advance of roadway paving, crews will be saw-cutting and working on deep pavement repairs. The project is scheduled for completion in fall 2014.
*Please note: schedules are subject to change due to weather and site conditions.
Traffic Impacts at Night:
  • Paving work will occur at night between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. when traffic volumes are low.
  • Multiple lane closures will occur at night between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. while the contractor is paving and grinding, striping and working on traffic signal loops.
  • Business access will be open during the day; expect delays to exit or enter driveways at night during paving work.
  • No closures on major holiday weekends.
Traffic Impacts during the Day:
  • Shoulder closures on both northbound and southbound McLoughlin Boulevard any time of the day or night Monday through Sunday for underground electrical, traffic signal and sidewalk work.
  • Single lane closures will also occur on both northbound and southbound McLoughlin Boulevard Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for underground electrical, traffic signal and sidewalk work.
Nighttime construction activities during the paving process are being scheduled at night in order to minimize traffic impacts on McLoughlin Boulevard between Naef Road and the Clackamas River Bridge, minimize impacts to adjacent businesses and improve motorist safety.
Your home or business may be near enough to the work area to be affected by nighttime construction noise. The noise you will hear at night will come from heavy equipment and construction trucks. The paving operation is continually moving which means noise will not be concentrated in one particular area for any significant length of time. The noise will come and go as the equipment moves up and down the road.
Nighttime Work Hours:
  • 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Friday (with some weekend work)
Planned nighttime work activities include:
  • Grinding and paving McLoughlin Boulevard in both directions between Naef Road and the Clackamas River Bridge (up to 8 weeks).
  • Removing striping and installing permanent striping along the roadway.
  • Working on traffic signal loops.
To report noise problems or incidents requiring immediate attention call the Night Construction Hotline at (503) 412-2345.  This number is answered 24 hours a day and is available should any noise concerns arise. ODOT contact information during regular business hours, contact ODOT Community Affairs at (503) 731-8237. Thank you for your patience.
Please also refer to the weekly construction updates for traffic impacts, updated every Friday.

Project Events

ODOT hosted an open house on Feb. 18, 2014. Following are the materials presented at the open house:

Display Boards:

Public comments received from the Feb. 18, 2014 open house with ODOT responses will be posted here soon.

Note: Below you also will find public comments received and ODOT responses from a public meeting held in December 2012.


Virtual Open House now Available for Online Access

Didn't make it to the open house February 18, 2014? An Online Open House featuring ODOT's project team is now available by clicking the link here:


To play each video and to view the entire online open house, click on each of the shaded blue buttons under the "Stations" section from the Welcome Page. Thank you.

 Project Overview

Lined with several different types of businesses and public transit, McLoughlin Boulevard (Oregon Highway 99E) between Naef Road and the Clackamas River Bridge carries 33,000 motorists on a given day and serves numerous bicyclists and pedestrians along this nearly two mile stretch.


The roadway, however, is falling apart under the asphalt in several locations. Road users experience a bumpy ride along the entire stretch of highway. There are five traffic signals in this area and they are not connected. This means, traffic does not flow efficiently. There are also several long sections without sidewalks at all, requiring pedestrians to walk on the shoulders of busy McLoughlin Boulevard.


ODOT has designed a project that will preserve the paved surface of SE McLoughlin Boulevard for years to come by repairing failing sections and repaving the road.


Project elements include:


Rebuilding sections of the road on OR 99E under the pavement up to 30 inches deep
Repaving the roadway on OR 99E between Naef Road and the Clackamas River Bridge
Connecting sidewalks in multiple locations – see below for details
Improving sub-standard ADA ramps in multiple locations
Striping bike lanes
Connecting the traffic signals to improve traffic flow  

Rebuilding Failing Sections of the Roadway 

ODOT identified multiple locations in the northbound and southbound directions of SE McLoughlin Boulevard where the roadway is crumbling beneath the asphalt. When construction is underway, workers will dig out the failing roadbed below the asphalt and rebuild the road surface.  


ODOT is planning to fill in the sidewalk gaps at the following locations. Some sidewalks will include planter strips, others will not due to the width available along the roadway.


Sidewalk Locations
North of Ina Avenue
Between Boardman Road and Ina Avenue
Between Hull and Meldrum Avenue
Between SE Mildred Street and SE Glen Echo
South of SE Glen Echo


 How Did ODOT Determine the Sidewalk Locations


The $1 million funding for the sidewalks only meets a portion of the sidewalk need in the project area. For this reason, selection criteria have been developed to identify locations where sidewalks will provide the most benefit. Based on the objectives below, multiple locations were identified as priority locations for sidewalk in-fill.

Selection Criteria for Sidewalk Locations 

Ø     Pedestrian Safety. Some areas now require pedestrians to walk on the highway shoulder for a hard surface. The locations selected  provide sidewalks where no safe, hard surface exists. Some areas are without sidewalks but have flat asphalt pavement that provides an adequate walking surface. These areas will not include new sidewalks as part of this project.


Ø      Provide sidewalks to improve access to bus stops.


Ø      Improve the crossing over Boardman Creek.


Ø      Cost-Benefit. The following factors come into play in terms of the cost of sidewalk installation and the benefit that results:


o        Landscaped planter areas within the public right of way will generally not be landscaped. Citizens interested in landscaping in the sidewalks that have space for plantings can use ODOT’s adopt-a-landscape program.


o        Existing curbs retained. Generally, the existing curb location will be maintained where it currently exist to allow the savings to be used on more rather than less sidewalk.


o        Existing but substandard sidewalks (due to location or width) will be retained in order to focus on areas where no sidewalk currently exists.


o        Redevelopment sites. ODOT will not install  sidewalks where adjacent redevelopment is likely to occur and where there is a safe hard surface to provide access.


Other Important Factors


Ø      Tree preservation – The type of sidewalks in certain areas were selected to avoid removing existing trees. Only trees will be removed in the project limits because they have the potential of falling into the roadway.


Improving Traffic Signal Efficiency 


The traffic signals span this two mile section of SE McLoughlin Boulevard and do not function efficiently. Drivers may notice that they seem to stop at every signal. Interconnecting the traffic signals requires adding hardware and software to the traffic signals that will help improve traffic flow. When this work is complete, drivers will notice less stopping at every single traffic signal.


Construction Impacts 


Traffic Impacts:

  • Single lane closures and shoulder closures during the day

  • Paving work to occur at night when traffic volumes are lower 

  • Multiple lane closures at night

  • No closures on major holiday weekends

Please also read the weekly construction updates for traffic impacts, updated every Friday.

Project Schedule *

  • Fall 2013 - Project opens for bid
  • Early 2014 - Construction begins
    • January 2014 - Underground electrical work for traffic signal timing
    • February 2014 - Sidewalk work scheduled to begin the second week of February
    • Spring 2014 - Signal Detection Loops installed and connected for new signal timing system
    • Spring 2014 - Roadway rebuilding
    • Spring 2014 - Paving work scheduled to begin
    • Spring/Summer 2014 - Striping of all travel lanes and bike lanes
  • Fall 2014 - Construction completed

*Please note: schedules are subject to change due to weather and site conditions.

Comments and Contact Information

Please contact us if you have questions or comments:


ODOT Community Affairs

Dee Hidalgo




Media Inquiries

Kimberly Dinwiddie