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U.S. 20 at 8th Street Signal Project

Current News

The $.5M construction contract was awarded to Wildish Standard Paving Company in October 2014.  A description of the project can be found below.
Work began the first week of February and was completed late June 2015.

Project Components

  • Replace the traffic signals and poles at the intersection of U.S. 20 (Greenwood Ave.) and 8th Street
  • Reconstruct the corners at the intersection
  • Upgrade ramps to meet current ADA standards
  • Restripe crosswalks
  • Correct drainage problems and replace existing grates and inlets
  • Repave the intersection 
Vicinity Map                                                             Project Information Paper

Why this project is needed                                  

Picture of intersection of US 20 and 8th Street in Bend, OregonU.S. 20 is a critical part of the State’s transportation system and carries a significant volume of traffic from the Willamette Valley to Central and Eastern Oregon.  It is also an important highway for local Bend traffic.  Keeping roads in good condition and providing for safe travel are critical parts of the Oregon Department of Transportation’s mission.

The signals and electrical equipment at the Greenwood Ave. and 8th Street intersection are over 30 years old and beyond their design life.  The signal poles are structurally deficient, which means that neither the arms nor the poles can accommodate additional signal heads or more loads.  In addition:
  • Signal head placement is not optimum/standard and signal heads should be centered in the lanes; 
  • Turning radii at the intersection are small forcing large freight vehicles to leave their lane to make turns onto 8th Street;
  • Signal poles are located too close to the roadway and therefore at risk of being hit by large freight vehicles when making turning movements;
  • The location of some of the signal poles at the intersection limit good sidewalk access; and 
  • There is a problem with the drainage on the south side of the intersection and the grates over the drains are sunken into the pavement and need to be replaced.
  • The intersection is severely rutted which makes it difficult for making turns.

What will be done

ODOT is planning to replace the signal poles and traffic lights.  The new poles will be set back away from the highway/local streets.  The traffic signals will also be connected to those on 3rd Street with fiber optic cable so they can communicate with each other. 

All four corners of the intersection will be “flattened” to meet current turning radius standards, which will better facilitate right turns from larger vehicles on to and off of 8th Street.  The entire intersection will be repaved.

During reconstruction of the corners, the existing ADA ramps will be replaced with a design meeting current standards.  Once completed, the pedestrian crosswalks will be restriped to match the new ramps.
The existing drainage structures on the southeast, southwest and northwest corners are being relocated out of the travel lanes on U.S. 20.  New curb inlets will be installed. 

Project Timeline

Contract bid let​ Fall 2014​                              ​                             ​
Construction begins​ ​February-June 2015
Construction completed​ June 2015

Estimated Project Cost 

 $700 thousand

ODOT Contacts

Name ​Title ​Office Phone ​Email Address
Bill Martin ​Project Coordinator ​(541) 388-6183 william.f.martin@odot.state.or.us
Gary Farnsworth​ ​Area Manager ​(541) 388-6071 Gary.C.Farnsworth@odot.state.or.us
Rex Holloway​ ​Community Relations ​(541) 388-6178 Rex.A.Holloway@odot.state.or.us