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OR Highway 126 Corridor Facility Plan
Panoramic view of Cascade Mountains from OR Highway 126  
Panoramic vie​w of Cascade Mountains f​rom OR Highway 126


Current News

The Final OR Highway 126 Corridor Facility Plan was released in January 2012.  Links to the documents are found below in the "Project Materials" section.      

Project Overview
OR 126 is a Statewide Highway which is also classified as an Expressway within the Oregon Highway Plan (OHP) from the Crook County boundary east to downtown Prineville. As specified in the OHP, expressways are intended to provide “safe and efficient high speed and high volume traffic movements.” The types of access and density of access points are also often limited in order to reduce conflicts. 
Various land uses exist along the study segment which will create conflicts with high-speed and high-volume expressway traffic. For example, the Agricultural lands within the Powell Butte community require travel on, and crossing of, the highway with slow-moving farming equipment which results in reduced travel speeds and increased delay. Similarly, a high volume of turning vehicles is generated by the industrial uses near the Tom McCall/Millican Road intersection area which conflicts with through traffic. Within the Powell Butte Rural Service Community Area there is also an at-grade school crossing, which could become unsafe for use as highway volumes and speeds increase. 
In addition to the conflicts between current land use and the intended function of the expressway, projections for the corridor indicate a high rate of future growth from regional trips between Redmond and Prineville, recreational trips, and trips to approved destination resorts. There are industrial and employment centers in western Prineville that also provide growth potential, as evidenced by the recent development of the Facebook facility.
Considering these trends, the OR Highway 126 Corridor Facility Plan will identify short, medium, and long-term plans to ensure that the highway will be able to continue to serve as a statewide facility which also services local and regional mobility needs. Due to environmental, topographic, and funding constraints, it will be critical to identify facility management strategies that can extend the viability of the corridor and improve safety both in the near- and long-term. 
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Project Materials

Final Corridor Plan - January 2012
OR 126 Corridor Facility Plan - FINAL

Draft Corridor Plan - November 2011
OR 126 Corridor Facility Plan - DRAFT 
OR 126 Corridor Facility Plan - Appendix 
OR 126 Corridor Facility Plan - Technical Appendix A-D 
OR 126 Corridor Facility Plan - Technical Appendix E-F 
OR 126 Corridor Facility Plan - Technical Appendix G-K 
Technical Memorandums
Technical Memorandum #1 - Plan and Policy Review
Technical Memorandum #2 - Existing Conditions Analysis and Appendix
Technical Memorandum #3 - Future Conditions Analysis and Appendix 
Technical Memorandum #4 - Circulation and Access Opportunities and Constraints and Appendix 
Technical Memorandum #4B - Alternative Land Use Strategies White Paper 
Technical Memorandum #5A - OR 126 Corridor Refined Concept Screening and Appendix 
Technical Memorandum #5B - Alternative Land Use Strategies

Draft Technical Memo #6 - Implementation Plan Evaluation 
Draft Technical Memo #6 - Appendix 
Technical Memo #7 - Code Amendments 
Notices, Announcements and Summaries
August 2011 Public Meeting Flyer
May 2011 Workshop Flyer
Summary of Public Workshop #1 
February 2011 Workshop Flyer  
Newspaper Articles
Central Oregonian news article

Name   Title  Phone Number
  Email Address
Devin Hearing   Project Manager, ODOT  541-388-6388   devin.hearing@odot.state.or.us
Abbey Driscoll   Community Liaison, ODOT  541-388-6064   abbey.driscoll@odot.state.or.us
Bill Zelenka   Project Manager, Crook County  541-447-8156   bill.zelenka@co.crook.or.us
Scott Edelman   Project Manager, City of Prineville   541-447-8338   sedelman@cityofprineville.com
Casey Bergh   Lead Analyst, Kittelson & Assoc.  541-312-8300   cbergh@kittelson.com