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OR 140: Modoc Billy Creek to Fish Hole Creek
Current News
An Open House for the OR 140 Modoc Billy Creel - Fish Hole Creek Project was held Friday, November 21, 2008 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., at the Irwin Weiser Memorial Center in Beatty, Oregon.  Over 30 people attended the open house.
Members of the project team were on hand to answer questions about the Project.  There were questions about the need for the sidewalk in Beatty, concerns about access and drainage, questions and concerns about the Beatty Quarry, and concerns about the need for a crosswalk in town.
The project team wants to thank the people who attended for taking the time to come out and meet with them.

Project Components
  • Repave 20 miles of OR 140 between Modoc Billy Creek (MP 34) to Fish Hole Creek (MP 54).
  • Install new guardrails and upgrade existing guardrails to current standards.
  • In the town of Bly, install sidewalks on both sides of OR 140 and a pedestrian crosswalk at Main Avenue.  Construct drainage structures and install street lights and street furniture. 
  • In the town of Beatty, install a sidewalk on the south side of OR 140.
  • Where possible, combine or reduce the number of highway access points (driveways and entrances) where sidewalks are being installed to improve pedestrian safety.
  • ODOT is currently working with Klamath County to get the Beatty Quarry site approved as the source of aggregate for this project.
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Why this project is needed
OR 140 is an important part of the State’s transportation system in south central Oregon.  This is a major supply route for freight into the area.  Keeping roads in good condition and providing for safe travel are critical parts of the ODOT’s mission.
This Project will repave 20 miles of OR 140.  This stretch of highway is rated in poor condition, is rutting and overdue to be repaved.  The rutting allows rain, snow and ice to accumulate which causes dangerous driving conditions.  The last time the highway was paved was in 1992.
Included in the project is the construction of sidewalks on either side of OR 140 (approximately 3500 feet total) in Bly.  Street lighting and street furniture will be installed.  The lighting and furniture was bought with grant money awarded to the Bly Community Action Team.  A pedestrian crossing will be installed on the west side of the intersection of OR 140 and Main Avenue/Elder Street.  The curbing at the crosswalk will be curved out towards the highway (called a “bulb-out”) which reduces the crossing distances for pedestrians and alerts drivers of a crossing.  Large, white painted strips parallel to the highway will delineate the crosswalk, and a streetlight will be placed on the Elder Street side of the intersection to illuminate the crosswalk.
In Beatty, a sidewalk on the south side of OR 140 (approximately 1400 feet in length) will be constructed.
As with most highway projects, existing accesses to the state highway will be checked to see if they are under permit.   In Bly and Beatty where the sidewalks and paths are being constructed, ODOT will try to combine or reduce the number of access points, such as driveways and entrances, to improve pedestrian safety.
These improvements are expected to increase pedestrian safety and alert drivers they are entering a community.

Project Timeline

 Contract bid let:  February 2009
 Construction begins:  Summer 2009
 Construction ends:  Fall 2009

Traffic Control during Construction
  • During these construction times the contractor will close one lane while controlling traffic in the workzone through the use of flaggers and pilot cars.

Total Project Cost
$9.2 million

ODOT Contacts
Office Phone
Amy Pfeiffer  
Project Leader 
(541) 388-6052
Tom Feeley
Construction Manager
(541) 883-5665
Butch Hansen
Area Manager
(541) 883-5665