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OR 361: A Street - D Street Sidewalks/Streetscape (Culver)
Project Location
The project is located on the west side of First Avenue (OR 361), bounded by A Street to the north, and D Street to the south.
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Project Components
Construction of the first phase of the streetscape project will begin in January and be completed in March, 2011.  The first phase will construct:
  • sidewalks and curbing on the west side of First Avenue (OR 361) from A Street to D Street.
  • highway and street drainage.
  • parking and safer vehicle accesses.
Additional funding will be needed to construct future phases and implement the overall Culver Downtown Streetscape Plan finalized in March 2008.

Why is this Project needed?
First Avenue in downtown Culver, Oregon looking south.
First Avenue in downtown Culver looking south.
Culver is the gateway to The Cove Palisades State Park, which receives an estimated 1.5 million visitor days per year. Since 2000, Culver has experienced a significant growth in population with an increase of about 45% (from 802 to 1,160).  This growth is expected to continue, which will increase traffic congestion and heighten the potential for traffic, parking, and pedestrian conflicts. The rapid growth is also affecting economic conditions for Culver, including the inability to adequately fund infrastructure improvements to address the population increase and urban growth boundary expansion requirements.

In downtown Culver there are very few defined walkways for pedestrians.  Currently pedestrians walk on the shoulder of the roadway or a gravel surface behind a concrete curb.  This is not only hazardous; it is unacceptable for pedestrians with disabilities, and for children crossing the highway to and from school.
In addition, flooding of downtown Culver and First Avenue has been a problem for years.  There is currently no storm water drainage system to collect and dissipate water.  The standing water creates safety problems for motorists and pedestrians, and affects customers’ access to local businesses.

What tools is the City using to solve these problems?
The Transportation & Growth Management Program’s Quick Response Program helped jump start this project.  TGM is a joint program of the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development. TGM provides planning and design services to help create compact, pedestrian-friendly, livable communities.  Starting in the fall of 2007, TGM was used to bring property and business owners, local and state officials, and other affected stakeholders together to develop innovative planning and design solutions for the streetscape.
Consistent with the adopted recommendations from TGM, the federally sponsored Transportation Enhancements Program  is being applied to carry out actual streetscape construction work along First Avenue,.  Among many options, communities can use TE funding to carry out pedestrian, bicycle, streetscape and other improvements that enhance the cultural, aesthetic, or environmental milieu of the transportation system.  In February 2007 the City of Culver was awarded TE funding of $800,000 to begin to improve the streetscape along First Avenue.

The City’s hope is that TE funding will help get the ball rolling.   Additional funding will be needed to complete the entire project.  As development continues, the City of Culver will look for opportunities to partner with private interests, as well as other public entities, to continue the work that the TE funding begins.

Public Involvement
Past public events:
  • December 2007 - Evening workshop and tour of Central Oregon downtown streetscapes
  • January 2008 - Community mailer announcing public meeting with comment form
  • February 2008 - Public meeting
  • May 2008 - Culver Planning Commission meeting and public workshop

Project Timeline

 Begin TGM Quick Response     fall 2007
 Final Quick Response recommendations   spring 2008
 Final design   2010
 Bid let date  summer 2010
 Construction  winter 2011

Project Library
Culver Downtown Streetscape Plan - Final - March 2008
Culver Downtown Streetscape Poster - March 2008  
Draft Culver Downtown Streetscape Plan February 2008
Culver Downtown Streetscape Preferred Concept Poster February 2008
Culver Downtown Streetscape Project Ideas, January 2008
Culver Downtown Streetscape Project: Ideas & Constraints, January 2008
Culver Downtown Streetscape Brochure/Mailer January 2008   
Culver Downtown Streetscape Concept Posters (11"x17") January 2008

Project Key Contacts

Agency  Office Phone
Email address
Donna McCormack City of Culver
Bill Martin Field Construction