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ODOT Plans Pothole Fix
With its highways still in the grip of icy wintry weather, ODOT is looking forward to repairing the many potholes that have opened up.
Since harsh weather has hit Central Oregon over the past few weeks, many potholes have developed on highway surfaces.  This is a consequence of the freeze-thaw cycle and heavy traffic combining to stress highway surfaces, causing cracking and destruction. 
Highways surfaces and sub surfaces have been frozen for an extend amount of time with melting snow water flowing into the cracks during the day and the water freezing again at night.  This action along with the subsurface thawing creating a soft layer between the pavement and the frozen subsurface of the highway creates the perfect condition for pot holes.
For the foreseeable future, the highways remain susceptible to potholing in the event of continuing adverse weather conditions.  As ODOT is engaged in plowing and sanding to privde urgent highway safety, crews will be unable to adequately patch potholes using the traditional methods.  Crews will place temporary patching materials in the more severe holes until the weather cooperates and they can begin patching with more permanent means. Be aware that in many conditions this time of winter, temporary patches do not always hold and the same holes can appear again in a short time. Some sections of highway are so severely plagued with potholes that crews will put up warning signs for rough road until permanent repairs can be made.
Motorists should continue to remain alert to potholes and use appropriate caution until the weather permits ODOT to fix the highways.
Areas that may be prone to potholing include, but are not limited to,
OR 140 Lake of the Woods  MP 16 - MP 40 and MP 57 - 60
OR 140 Klamath Falls - Lakeview  MP 25 - MP 53
OR 140 Klamath Falls - Lakeview MP 63 - MP 70
OR 39 Klamath Falls - Malin Hwy MP 7 - California State Line
US 395 Lakeview - Burns Hwy MP 40 - MP 72
OR 140 Warner Hwy  MP 27 -MP 39
OR 39   Austin Ave - Klamath Falls/Lakeview Jct. (South 6th Street)
OR 140 Southside Expressway
OR 126 MP 17 – 12
US 97 MP 115 – 118.5 (Terrebonne – O’Neil Jct.)
US 97 MP 118.5 – 123 (Redmond Couplet and S. Redmond)
US 97 MP 134 – 141 (Bend Parkway)
US 97 MP 164.5 – 165 (Wickiup Jct.)
US 97 MP 182 – 184 (Gilchrist Bridge to Gilchrist)
US 97 MP 151 – 152 (Cottonwood Interchange)
US 20 MP 2.3 – 2.8 (Purcell to Land Systems)
US 20 MP 98 – 101
OR 31 MP 12 – 36
OR 31 MP 102 – 109
OR58 MP 70.5 – 71
OR58 MP 75 – 77 (Odell Butte)
OR126 MP 100 – 101 (Dry Canyon)
US 97 MP30-56
OR 19 MP40-48
US 26 MP62-85
I-84 MP85-89


For updated information on highway work and current travel information throughout Oregon,
visit www.tripcheck.com or call the Oregon road report at 511 or 1-800-977-6368
Visit the ODOT News Media Center at www.oregon.gov/ODOT/COMM

Visit the ODOT News Media Center at www.odot.state.or.us