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US 197 Burnham Avenue to 3rd Street (Maupin)
Current News
Construction on the US 197: Burnham Avenue - 3rd Street Project began the week of February 9, 2009.  The contract was awarded to Rotschy, Inc. of Yacolt, Washington.
Below is the preliminary construction schedule for construction along Deschutes Avenue:

Construction between 2nd - 4th Streets (both sides)  February - April 1
Construction between 4th - 6th Streets (south side)  April 1- April 20
Construction between 4th - 6th Streets (north side)  April 20 - May 6th
Construction on roadway between 4th - 6th Streets  May 6th - May 18th
Construction between 6th - Burnham Avenue (both sides)  June 15 - August 15th
For the most current construction news please visit the Region 4 (Central Oregon) Newsroom.  For the most current traffic conditions in the project area, visit TripCheck.
The project was mostly completed in the downtown corridor by Memorial Day 2009.  The remainder of the project should be completed by the middle of August.
This project is being funded, in part, by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

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Why is this project needed?
Construction along Deschutes Avenue in Maupin, Oregon with traffic control.
Construction along Deschutes Avenue in Maupin, Oregon.
Keeping the roads in good condition and providing a safe, efficient transportation system that supports economic opportunity and livable communities are critical aspects of the Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) mission.  US 197 is a critical part of the state’s transportation system and is classified as a “Rural Minor Arterial” through the town of Maupin. 
In addition to this classification, that portion of US 197 (Deschutes Avenue) from Burnham Ave. to 3rd Street within Maupin is a state highway routed over a city street, and has been designated as a Special Transportation Area (STA).  The two primary objectives of an STA designation are to provide access to and circulation amongst community activities, businesses and residences, and to accommodate pedestrian, bicycle and transit movement along and across the highway.  Within an STA, people who arrive by car or transit should find it safe and convenient to walk from place to place within the area.
Tourism in Maupin related to recreational activities along the Deschutes River continues to increase.  The City of Maupin has deteriorating sidewalks and unmarked crosswalks along Deschutes Avenue.  Due to the cross slope and the grade of the roadway through the city the curb height varies greatly where the sidewalks meet the street.  Some sections along the roadway have no curb, while other sections have curbs that are high enough to obstruct car doors from opening.  Another problem is that sidewalks do not match door fronts of local businesses.  Furthermore, the ODOT 2006 Pavement Condition Rating for US 197 through Maupin was Poor, indicating that the roadway is in need of repaving.
Flooding has been a continuing problem in the downtown area.  The lack of adequate storm water drainage causes flooding and scouring of ditch lines along Deschutes Avenue and some side streets.

How do the City of Maupin and ODOT propose to solve these problems?
Through an Intergovernmental Agreement and funding from both agencies, the City of Maupin and ODOT have teamed up to design and construct the project which will include new curbing, sidewalks, bulb-outs at the cross street intersections, brick pavers, tree grates for future street tree plantings and ornamental street lights along both sides of US 197 between Burnham Avenue and 3rd Street. 
Other project components include:
  • Construct of a new storm drainage system to address the runoff problem
  • Repave Deschutes Avenue from Burnham Avenue to 3rd Street 
  • Replace several retaining walls along Deschutes Avenue
  • Replace and upgrade of the City’s water and sanitary sewer line that runs under Deschutes Avenue
  • Review residential and business accesses along this section of US 197 to make sure they are safe, compatible with the overall streetscape concept for the downtown area, and are permitted.

Field Survey, Environmental Clearances – Summer/Fall 2007
Preliminary Design – Fall/Winter 2007 & Spring 2008
Right-of-Way Acquisition – Spring/Summer 2008
Final Design – Spring/Summer 2008
Contract Bid Let – December 2008
Construction – Spring/Summer 2009

Project Budget
Preliminary Engineering, Environmental Permitting and Design: $160,000
Right of Way: $150,000
Construction and Contract Administration: $2,052,000

Community Involvement
The City of Maupin and the Oregon Department of Transportation held the first of two public open houses for the US197: Burnham Ave. – 3rd Street Project on Wednesday, February 27.  About 10-15 local residences and landowners attended.  The second open house is was held Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at the American Legion Building in Maupin, Oregon.  About 20-25 residents attended.
Many of the questions at the first open house centered around how the project would affect their property.  The ODOT Right-of-Way office is working one-on-one with the property owners to answer their questions.  In all but one case, ODOT is working to obtain a temporary construction easement which would allow ODOT and the construction contractor to occupy a portion of the people's property during construction.  The use of this area will involve the setting and removal of the forms along the back of the new sidewalk area and the matching in of the new sidewalk to existing walkways and entrances.  It will also allow room for the reconstruction of retaining walls along the back of the sidewalk in some areas. 
Others who attended provided input on the materials to be used for walls, pavers and street lighting.  And still others asked questions about how the actual construction would affect them.  This last concern will be the focus of the next open house, which is planned in late spring or summer.

Project Development Team
The multi-disciplined Project Development Team was formed early in 2007 and meets on a monthly basis.  The Team is made up of technical experts in Roadway and Traffic Engineering, Right-of-Way, Surveying, Utility Engineering, Geology, Environmental, Hazardous Materials, Construction, and Public Affairs.  The City of Maupin representatives on the Team are the Denny Ross, Mayor, and Mike Miles, the Public Works Director.  The Project Leader from ODOT is Brad DeHart.

Key Contacts
Office Phone
Email address
Denny Ross
Mayor, City of Maupin
(541) 395-2698
Brad DeHart
Project Leader, ODOT
(541) 296-2215
Bob TownsendConstruction Manager(541) 296-2800Robert.L.Townsend@odot.state.or.us