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US 20 Signals Project (Bend)
Project Components
  • Replace deteriorating signals and upgrade ADA facilities on all four corners at Revere;
  • Replace conduit and the controller on the NW & SW corners at Greenwood; and
  • Enhance pedestrian crossing at Greenwood and 12th.

Why this project is needed
Trucks, cars and lights at Revere and US20
US 20 is a critical part of the State’s transportation system and carries a significant volume of traffic from the Willamette Valley to Central and Eastern Oregon.  It is also an important highway for local Bend traffic.  Keeping roads in good condition and providing for safe travel are critical parts of the Department’s mission.
This Project will repair, improve and/or replace critical traffic control signals on US 20 at two important intersections in the City of Bend. The signals at the intersection of US20 at Greenwood and Revere have outlived their design lives and are deteriorating.  
Items to be improved/repaired:
  • The electrical service to power the signals is failing, resulting in traffic delays and congestion;
  • In 2007 wire circuits at the Greenwood signal failed resulting in a near total failure of the signal.  Existing conduits are blocked or damaged, therefore new conduits must be installed.
  • The location of some of the signal poles at Revere limits good sidewalk access as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
The average daily traffic count for the section of US 20 just east of the NE Greenwood Street interchange is 18,900 vehicles per day as of 2007, which is about the same as the year 2000. This is one of the busier intersections in the Bend metropolitan area.   Traffic from the north, south and east Bend predominates the area of the two signals. 
No change in access is planned at this time.

What will be done
  • Replace the traffic signals at Revere and US20 intersection; upgrade the interconnects and conduits, and upgrade the ADA ramps;
  • Replace the electrical conduits and controller at the Greenwood and US20 intersection;
  • Add an enhanced pedestrian crossing at Greenwood and 12th.

Traffic control during construction
Crowded intersection at Revere and US20
There may be temporary evening/night lane closures during grinding and paving operations, as necessary.  Variable message signs will alert motorists of planned closures.
No lane closures will be allowed during weekends, from 3 p.m. on Fridays until 12 midnight on Sunday or on holidays.
The contractor will be allowed to perform other work on the project, such as upgrading ADA ramps and installing signs, during daylight hours.

Project Timeline
 Contract bid let:
 August 2010
 Construction begins:
 Fall 2010
 Construction completed:
 Summer 2011

Total Project Construction Cost

ODOT Contacts

 Office Phone
 Email Address
 Mike Darling
 Project Leader
 (541) 388-6329
 Charles.M. Darling@ODOT.state.or.us
 Gary Farnsworth
 Area Manager
 (541) 388-6071
 Peter Murphy
 Public Affairs
 (541) 388-6224
 Peter.W. Murphy@ODOT.state.or.us