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US 395 Industrial Lane - Lakeview
Latest News
The US 395 Industrial Lane - Lakeview Project began May 18.  The project was awarded to Hooker Creek of Bend, Oregon.
There will be parking restrictions along US 395 between North H and 4th Streets in Lakeview during construction.  These restrictions are expected to be in place between May 26 and July 2.
The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of September, 2009.
For the most current road conditions, visit Tripcheck.com, or dial 511.  For the most current construction report, visit the Region 4 Newsroom.

Project Components
  • Correct steep banking of US 395 in the Dick's Creek Road area, adding rumble strips and improving signing.
  • Install sidewalks along US 395 (G Street) in the Town of Lakeview from North H Street to OR 140 (North 4th Street).
  • Improve the corner at the junction of US 395 and OR 140 (G Street and North 4th Street)
  • Repave local street approaches along US 395 south of Lakeview.
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Why is this Project needed?
Curve along US 395 in the Dick's Creek Road area, 12 miles north of Lakeview Oregon
Curve along US 395 in the Dick's Creek area
Highway US 395 is a critical part of the States transportation system.  US 395 is an important highway as it is a component of the national highway system and the major north-south corridor in SE Oregon.  Keeping this road in good condition and providing for safe travel are critical parts of the mission for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).   
Curve in the Dick's Creek Road area
Dick's Creek Road is located approximately 12 miles north of Lakeview. The curve north and south of the intersection of US 395 and Dick's Creek Road has a history of trucks tipping over and cars running off the road. From 2001 through 2006, there were six crashes in this area with two fatalities and three injuries related to these crashes. Problems that seem to be contributing to these crashes include: uneven road surface particularly in the northbound lane; drivers traveling faster than the curve warrants; and signing that may not give drivers the true extent of the curve.
Pedestrian safety in Lakeview
Pedestrian safety is a concern along US 395 between North H Street and North 4th Street.  There is only the highway shoulder for pedestrians to walk along.  This is not only hazardous, it is unacceptable for pedestrians with disabilities.  In addition, some residents have expressed concern about how fast cars and trucks are traveling through their neighborhoods.  This may be in part because of the wide, unimproved shoulders that give it more of a rural than urban-like setting.
Intersection of US 395 and OR 140
The corner of US 395 and OR 140 is difficult for large trucks to negotiate.  The short radius causes trucks to move into other travel lanes or to drive over the curbing.
Street approaches along US 395
Due to a pavement material problem, several local street approaches along US 395 south of the Lakeview town limits are crumbling and breaking up (raveling) becoming a hazard and a road maintenance issue .

How does ODOT propose to address these problems?
For the curve in the Dick’s Creek Road area, the proposal is to correct the unevenness and the steep “banking” by repaving and smoothing out the roadway.  Rumble strips will be installed to the right of the white fog line to warn drivers they are on the shoulder.  Flashing lights will be installed on “Reduce Speed” signs.  The flashers are activated when drivers enter the curve at unsafe speeds.
From North H Street to North 4th Street, sidewalks will be installed on both sides of the highway where they currently do not exist.   The travel lanes on US 395 will remain 12 feet wide but the curbing will be brought in to accommodate the sidewalk and to give the street a more narrowed appearance.  Studies have shown that this tends to calm (slow) traffic.  With the sidewalks and movement of the curbing, parking along US 395 will not be allowed.  This will help increase the sight distance for drivers entering US 395 from driveways or side streets.  Efforts will be made to stay within the existing highway right-of-way so as to impact adjacent landowners as little as possible. Some minor right-of-way purchases will be required. 
The radius in the northeast quadrant of the intersection of US 395 and OR 140 will be increased to facilitate turning movements.
The approaches along US 395 south of Lakeview that are raveling will be ground out and repaved.

Projected Construction Cost
$1 million

Key Project Milestones
Field survey, environmental clearances – December 2007
Preliminary design – January 2008
Right of Way acquisition – December 2008
Final Design – January 2009
Bid Let – February 2009
Construction – May 2009

ODOT Key Contacts

TitleOffice Phone
Email address
Michael Schaaf
Project Leader
(541) 883-5665
Martin Matejsek
Project Designer
(541) 883-5665
Butch HansenArea Manager(541) 883-5665Norman.C.Hansen@ODOT.state.or.us