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The ODOT Geometronics Online Toolkit is a tool that works within the ODOT TransGIS website and provides maps and status of both the Oregon Real-time GNSS Network and the Oregon Coordinate Reference System.

Geometronics Online Toolkit

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There are two components of the Geometronics Online Toolkit

     1. Oregon Coordinate Reference System
     2. Oregon Real-time GNSS Network

The Oregon Coordinate Reference System component of the Online Toolkit allows users to determine the best Oregon Coordinate Reference System low-distortion projection zone for their project. Users can display all of the OCRS zones on a map. They can also view the actual distortion of a particular OCRS zone in the vicinity of their project by placing a point, line or polygon on the map.

The Oregon Real-time GNSS Network component of the Online Toolkit allows users to view the status of ORGN sites, view a map of coverage areas in Oregon where real-time GNSS correctors from the ORGN are available, and display/download a list of ORGN stations with the current coordinates for each station and a link to the particular website for each station. For more information about the Oregon Real-time GNSS Network, continue to explore this site.


Oregon Department of Transportation
Geometronics, MS 4
4040 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
Salem, OR 97302

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