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Road User Fee Task Force

The Oregon Legislature created the Road User Fee Task Force in 2001 to investigate options for generating sustainable funding for Oregon's transportation system. The group directed two pilot projects in 2006 and 2012 that tested per-mile charging.
The Task Force is now focused on OReGO, the nation's first fully-operational road usage charge program that launched July 1, 2015. OReGO is demonstrating a new way to fund road maintenance, preservation and improvements. OReGO volunteers pay a per-mile charge for the miles they drive and receive a credit for fuels tax paid at the pump. Learn more at

Members and Terms

The Road User Fee Task Force has 12 voting members. Members are appointed by the Governor, Senate President and House Speaker, plus two members appointed by the Chair of the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC). Generally, members serve four-year terms.
Task Force members (as of June 30, 2017):
OTC Commissioner                     Tammy Baney
OTC Commissioner                     Sean O'Halloren
City Mayor                                    Bob Andrews, Newberg
County Commissioner                  Sid Leiken, Lane County
At-Large                                       Craig Dirksen, Metro Council
                                                          (Interim Chair)
At-Large                                       Craig Campbell, AAA
At-Large                                       Vacant
At-Large                                       Vacant
House Member (R)                      Rep. Cliff Bentz
House Member (D)                      Rep. John Lively
Senator (R)                                  Sen. Bill Hansell
Senator (D)                                  Sen. Arnie Roblan
House Member (Ex-Officio - D)   Rep. Margaret Doherty
House Member (Ex-Officio - R)   Vacant
Senator (Ex-Officio - D)               Vacant
Senator (Ex-Officio - R)               Sen. Chuck Thomsen


The answers to many common questions concerning OReGO and road usage charging can be found on our FAQ page at

Road User Fee Task Force contact

Jenna Adams-Kalloch
Oregon Dept. of Transportation
(503) 986-4325

OReGO contact

Customer service hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (closed holidays and weekends)
(503) 986-7827 

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