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Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund


Section 122 of Keep Oregon Moving (Oregon House Bill 2017) established a new dedicated source of funding for expanding public transportation service in Oregon. This new funding source is called the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund, or STIF.

The Rail and Public Transit Division, or RPTD, is developing Oregon Administrative Rules, programs, and policies to implement the STIF under the oversight of the Oregon Transportation Commission. The STIF programs are being developed with significant input from the STIF Rules Advisory Committee, or RAC, public transportation providers, and other interested stakeholders.

Under the current schedule, the first Formula Fund disbursements are planned to occu as early as April 2019. The first Discretionary and Intercommunity competitive grant agreements are anticipated to be effective by July 2019.

About the STIF's Components

Information about the components of the STIF will be shared here as it becomes available.

  • Formula Fund: Ninety percent (90%) to mass transit districts, transportation districts, or counties without either a mass transit or transportation district, and to federally-recognized tribes based on formula allocation.

  • Discretionary Fund: Five percent (5%) to public transportation service providers based on a competitive grant process

  • Intercommunity Discretionary Fund: Four percent (4%) to public transportation service providers to improve public transportation between two or more communities based on a competitive grant process

  • Technical Resource Center: One percent (1%) to ODOT to establish a statewide public transportation technical resource center to assist public transportation providers in rural areas and for ODOT to administer STIF.

Get Involved in Rulemaking

The public comment period for the proposed STIF rules closed on April 21, 2018. The Oregon Transportation Commission is anticipated to consider the draft rules for adoption at their June meeting. Learn more about the draft rules by reviewing the Overview of Proposed STIF Rules. Receive the latest STIF news by signing up for email updates at the bottom of the right navigation bar. Direct questions about the STIF to Karyn Criswell, STIF Implementation Project Manager.

Rules Advisory Committee

The STIF Rules Advisory Committee advised ODOT on administrative rules to implement the STIF. The Committee reached consensus their recommendation to the Oregon Transportation Commission. Learn more about the Committee:

STIF RAC and Public Listening Meeting Calendar

STIF Rulemaking Document Library

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