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Core Team Charter Agreement
October 16, 2002
The Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds (OPSW), ORS 541.351 to 541.420, and Executive Order No. 99-01 acknowledge the critical role that state agencies play in achieving the goals of salmon recovery and watershed restoration. To most efficiently achieve the goals of this comprehensive program, it became obvious that state agencies would need to coordinate activities and policies in a manner that had not yet been occurring in a systematic fashion. In light of this, the Core Team was formed in 1997-98 to provide a forum for interagency coordination and oversight of the OPSW activities.

The Core Team serves as the forum for state natural resource agencies to collaboratively develop and recommend watershed protection and restoration strategies and policies that are central to implementation of the OPSW, and which transcend the authority of any one single agency.

The Core Team is chaired by the Governor's natural resource advisor, or designee, and staffed by Governor's Office staff. Members include senior management representatives from the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA), Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB), Water Resources Department (WRD), and Division of State Lands (DSL). Also as members, the Oregon State Police (OSP) Fish and Wildlife Division, Economic and Community Development Department (ECDD), Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD), Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI), Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD), Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB), and other agencies participate frequently on relevant issues and as agency resources permit.

A. Policy and Guidance
The Core Team will provide a forum for developing the policy and strategic foundation for the OPSW. In this capacity, the team will:
  • Collaboratively develop the overarching OPSW vision, goals and objectives for the state natural resources agencies.
  • Resolve cross-agency policy and implementation issues, and present issues to the Governor's Natural Resource Cabinet for resolution when necessary.
  • Provide the primary interface between the Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team (IMST) and state agencies.
B. Oversight and Adaptive Management
The Core Team will support and monitor OPSW implementation and determine when agency strategies or policies need to be modified to more fully support the OPSW objectives. In this capacity, the team will:
  • Foster implementation of the OPSW by ensuring interagency coordination through, and by providing guidance and outreach to, Regional Teams and the Implementation, Monitoring, and Outreach Teams.
  • Support OWEB's responsibility to report to the Governor and the Legislature on the progress of the OPSW by providing a forum for development, coordination, and review of the Biennial Report or other agency reports supporting the OPSW.
  • Develop or modify strategies and recommend policies as necessary to more effectively achieve the objectives of the plan.
C. Coordination
The Core Team will be the focal point to facilitate coordinated state agency communications with federal, regional, local, and tribal authorities pertaining to the OPSW when a coordinated state-level response is called for. In this capacity, the team will:
  • Facilitate communications with federal and regional agencies to ensure their support for the OPSW.
  • Develop a state-level response to issues raised by or pertaining to Federal agency or regional initiatives related to salmon recovery.
  • Engage local, regional, federal and tribal representatives in Core Team discussions when necessary to coordinate efforts, develop strategies, or resolve conflicts.
D. Funding
The Core Team will help secure and coordinate state, regional and federal resources to ensure effective implementation of the OPSW. In this capacity, the team will:
  • Coordinate state agency budget development related to Oregon Plan.
  • Coordinate state agency proposals for OWEB grants and federal or regional funding opportunities.

A. Meetings of the full Core Team will be conducted at least quarterly.
B. The Governor’s natural resource advisor, or designee, will serve as Chair of the Core
Team. The Chair will facilitate Core Team meetings and will work with Core Team members to set meeting agendas. Governor’s Office staff will provide additional Core Team support (e.g., note taking and meeting coordination) and may act as liaisons to the other OPSW teams.
C. Periodically Core Team members will be designated to maintain liaison and outreach with individual Regional Teams to assure consistent contact and effective communications regarding program coordination and field operations.
D. Certain activities of the Core Team will be assigned to workgroups. Workgroups may function using informal work sessions, meeting with subject area specialists, and other individuals as necessary. Workgroups shall bring their products to the entire team for review.
E. Decisions of the Core Team will be made by consensus when possible.
This Charter represents the consensus of the state agencies that are signatories to the Charter. It does not confer any legal rights on the part of any person or entity that is not a signatory to the Charter. This Charter does not obligate any state agency to take any action that substantially affects the interests of the public. This Charter may be modified or terminated upon the written agreement of all state agencies that are signatories. This Charter will remain in effect unless it is replaced by another charter or is terminated either by mutual consent of the listed agencies and the Governor´s Office, or by order of the Governor, or by act of law.
Governor´s Office Date
  • Director, Department of Agriculture Date
  • Director, Department of Forestry Date
  • Director, Department of Environmental Quality Date
  • Director, Department of Fish and Wildlife Date
  • Director, Water Resources Department Date
  • Director, Division of State Lands Date
  • Director, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Date
  • Director, Fish & Wildlife Division, State Police Date
  • Director, Department of Transportation Date
  • Director, Department of Land Conservation & Development Date
  • Director, Department of Geology & Mineral Industries Date
  • Director, Economic & Community Development Department Date
  • Director, Parks and Recreation Department Date
  • Director, State Marine Board Date