Inspector certifications

​The Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC) and Oregon code certifications are renewed every three years; the next renewal date is Nov. 1, 2019 (then 2022, 2025, etc.).​ 

When a person renews an OIC, he or she also renews any eligible Oregon code certifications.

Code change training 

Inspectors and plans examiners must complete division-approved continuing education (i.e., code change courses or high-priority training provided by the state) related to the scope of work allowed under each code certification.

If the division's Inspector Training Program offers a code change course, the course is required for any certification holder who was certified before the applicable code changed. The division may also determine that a code change course is not required if a given code did not significantly change or the division otherwise determines a code change course is not necessary. 

The training program typically provides code change courses in Salem and various cities across the state as the code review process concludes. See code change class information​ for specific dates and times. A list of OIC holders who have completed code change training will be published online prior to the OIC renewal date. OIC holders can review this list to confirm they have completed their required code change training. If they have not completed the training, they will need to register for a "make up" course through the Inspector Training Program.​

If a person does not complete the division-required code change training for a particular Oregon code certification by the OIC renewal date, that code certification is not valid and the person cannot perform work under the applicable certification until the Oregon code certification is valid. To obtain the certification again, the person will have to reapply and pass a division exam.​

Renewal process

The division will mail a renewal notification to each OIC holder at least 45 days prior to the expiration of his or her OIC and Oregon code certifications. 

The renewal notice will identify certifications that are eligible for renewal, including those that were converted from nationally recognized certifications. Certifications can be renewed online or by mail.   ​​

Certification renewals

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