Hazardous Waste

The DEQ is offering a series of training opportunities in “Hazardous Waste Basics” and “Managing Common Waste: Used Oil, Batteries, Light Tubes, etc.” Classes are open to all; however, space is limited in some locations. Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. See individual class listings for registration contacts.


Toxics reduction training opportunities

Transitioning to Safer Chemicals

In partnership with Washington State and the OSHA Training Institute Education Centers, DEQ is offering “Transitioning to Safer Chemicals”* on May 8 and 9 in Portland. “This course will provide participants with information about and hands-on experience with the process for transitioning to safer chemicals, as well as the key methods, tools, and databases that can assist in this process.” The 2-day course costs $125 for Oregon participants.
OSHA 7225 The most effective way to protect workers, consumers and the environment from chemical hazards is through the establishment of a chemical management system that goes beyond simply complying with regulations and strives to reduce or eliminate chemical hazards at the source.
Small Business
State and local government
Sheet Metal Institute
2379 NE 178th Ave
Portland, OR 97230
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. | MONDAY May 8
8 a.m. to 2 p.m | TUESDAY May 9
Register online from the OSHA Web page. Please contact the OSHA training office at 206-685-3089 for more information.

Reducing Chemical Hazards: The First Move.*

Using GreenScreen® List Translator Automated Tool. It is crucial to make informed decisions when choosing chemicals in products, processes, and supply chains. Companies striving to reduce the chemical hazards in their processes and products can now make a first move using the GreenScreen® List Translator. This automated tool helps you understand known impacts of chemicals on human health and the environment and categorize which chemicals to avoid when purchasing and designing.
Join the training to…
  • Understand the value of chemical hazard assessments and related tools and resources
  • Define GreenScreen® List Translator origins, methods, strengths, and limitations
  • Obtain GreenScreen® List Translator results for chemicals of interest using automated databases
  • Use this tool to inform chemicals management and sustainability decisions and prioritize action
Portland State Office Building
800 NE Oregon Street, #1B
Portland, OR 97232
When: June 6, 2017
Register online to get early bird pricing at $49 (after May 6, $69).

*This reduced registration fee is available due to collaboration with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality through support from an EPA Pollution Prevention grant.