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How DEQ's structure works for cleaner air, land and water

In February 2014, DEQ reorganized the structure of the agency to focus on better measuring our service delivery and improving environmental outcomes for Oregon. The Air, Land, and Water Quality Divisions are now program areas which exist within the Operations and Environmental Solutions Divisions.


Director - Richard Whitman
Deputy Director - Leah Feldon
Email Leah 503-229-6408
  • Office of Policy and Analysis - Greg Aldrich
  • Compliance and Enforcement - Sarah Wheeler
  • Outcome-Based Management - Sue Langston
  • Chief of Public Affairs - Jennifer Flynt

Regional administrators

Eastern Region - Linda Hayes Gorman

Hayes-Gorman has been with DEQ since 1990, working first in the solid waste program of the agency, then moving on to provide business assistance in the air quality program. In 2006 she became an air quality manager in the Bend office and, in May 2010, became DEQ’s Eastern Region Administrator.
Hayes-Gorman has a master’s degree in Public Administration from Portland State University and two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in Germanics and the other in international studies from the University of Washington.

Email Linda 541-633-2018

Northwest Region - Nina Deconcini

DeConcini has been at DEQ since 1993 and has served in the Air Quality Division, manager of the agency’s Communications and Outreach office and since 2007, as the NW Region Administrator. Prior to joining DEQ, she managed transportation and other environmental programs at The Walt Disney Company in southern California.

DeConcini has a Bachelor of Arts in religion from The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Email Nina  503-229-6271

Western Region - Keith Andersen

Andersen has been with DEQ since 1992, working in water quality and cleanup programs in DEQ’s Eugene-based Western Region office. Most recently, he has served as Regional Environmental Solutions manager for Western Region, as well as Deputy Administrator for the headquarters-based Water Quality Division. Prior to coming to DEQ, he worked in the private sector and for the U.S. Forest Service.

Andersen received a bachelor’s degree in forestry from Oregon State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Portland State University.

Email Keith  541-687-7355

Environmental Solutions - environmental strategies

Acting Division Administrator - Jennifer Wigal

Email Jennifer  503-229-5323

Program managers
  • Air Planning - David Collier
  • Air Technical - Jeffrey Stocum
  • Laboratory - Brian Boling
  • Materials Management - Loretta Pickerell
  • Watershed Management - Gene Foster
  • Water Quality Standards/Assessment - Jennifer Wigal

Operations - process excellence

Division Administrator - Lydia Emer

Lydia Emer joined DEQ in May 2014. She previously worked for The Oregon Public Health Division, specializing in performance management and quality improvement.

Emer has a master’s degree in Public Administration and Development from the University of Birmingham, in the United Kingdom. She received her bachelor’s degree in American literature and history from the same university.

Email Lydia  503-229-6411

Program managers
  • Air Program Operations - Jaclyn Palermo
  • Cleanup and Emergency Response - Bruce Gilles
  • Community and Program Assistance - Anita Yap
  • Hazardous Waste and Tanks - David Livengood
  • Permitting and Program Management - Ron Doughten
  • Vehicle Inspection Program - Gerry Preston

Central Services

Division Administrator - Scott Brewen

Email Scott  503-229-5045 

Program managers
  • Financial Services - Mark Brown
  • Health and Safety - Todd Brown
  • Human Resources - Sue Korn
  • Information Services - Sohng Shin