Materials Management

Facility Regulation

DEQ has new guidance that clarifies how DEQ solid waste and hazardous waste permit and compliance staff will use existing laws and regulations to address potential environmental concerns at electronic waste handling facilities. DEQ’s application of this guidance will:

  • Ensure that electronics collected and handled for recycling, shredding, grinding or transforming do not create environmental and human health impacts.
  • Ensure that electronic waste storage and handling meets solid and hazardous waste requirements to protect human and environmental health.
  • Address the growing electronics waste stream in Oregon. Factors that will contribute to this growth include more electronics on the market and the Oregon’s E-Cycle Program initiated in January 2009. The 2010 landfill ban on covered electronic devices is also increasing this electronic waste. 

Documents and publications

Other Resources

Oregon E-Cycles

The Oregon E-Cycles Program provides free recycling of computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, mice and TVs. The program is financed by electronics manufacturers and jointly implemented with the DEQ.
  • Service Providers
    An Oregon E-Cycles web page directed toward service providers who want to participate in the program as a collector, transporter or recycler.

Other electronics collection sites

In addition to the facilities listed on the Oregon E-Cycles site, the Excel spreadsheet link below is a list of facilities that offer additional electronic waste management services. Many of these companies may be Oregon E-cycles collection facilities, but offer other electronic recycling services outside of Oregon E-cycles. Some of these sites also manage other potential hazardous wastes including fluorescent tubes, batteries and other universal wastes.

If you would like your company to be added to this list or the universal waste collectors list, please fill out the survey using the link below and submit as requested.

NOTE: DEQ does not endorse specific companies or organizations processing electronic waste. DEQ cautions businesses to personally evaluate the services and compliance status of any company they use to manage their waste materials.