Energy in Oregon

When you turn your lights on at home, do you ever think about where that electricity comes from?
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In Oregon, our electricity comes from a variety of resources, from coal and petroleum to nuclear energy. We also use renewable resources – including water, wind, and the sun – to generate electricity. Your home’s electricity could be coming from any (or all!) of these sources.

Electricity Mix Chart 
2012-2014 Electricity Resource Mix

Oregon’s largest electricity generation is from renewable hydropower, and the share of other renewable energy resources is growing in Oregon, thanks to the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. The RPS, updated in 2016, requires that 50% of the electricity provided by Oregon’s largest utilities come from renewable resources by 2040. We are working hard to reach that goal.

The Oregon Department of Energy collects electricity resource data from our state’s utility providers.

The information helps us – and Oregonians across our state – track the power sources and better understand the environmental impacts of the electricity we use.

Our analysis takes into account all electricity that serves Oregon, including electricity that is generated outside the state, but is delivered to Oregon customers.
Renewable Portfolio Standard
​How Oregon Uses Electricity 

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