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ODOE is working on a new Biennial Energy Report! 
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In 2017, the Oregon Legislature charged the Oregon Department of Energy with developing a comprehensive report on the state's energy outlook. The first edition of our new Biennial Energy Report is due November 2018. We'll publish the report every two years.

In fall 2017, we started seeking input and guidance from people across Oregon on what this first version of the Biennial Energy Report should include. So far, more than 300 people have offered their thoughts, requests, and recommendations. This input helps us focus on issues important to Oregonians.

Using the feedback we’ve received so far, we are assembling data and other energy information throughout the spring of 2018. We’ll be asking for additional input as we progress and to keep people informed. While we have a pretty good idea now about what the report will include, we do expect some changes as the project evolves.

We’re excited about the project and the interest people have shown, and we look forward to delivering an interesting and useful report on topics that reach every corner of the state
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