Data and Reports

The Oregon Department of Energy regularly submits reports to the Oregon State Legislature. 

​October 2017 ​ODOE 2017 Legislative Report​
​October 2017 ​​ODOE Annual Performance Progress Report
​July 2017 ​ODOE Affirmative Action Plan, 2017-2019
​January 2017 ​​Radioactive Material Transport in Oregon: 2015-2016​
​January 2017 1.5 Percent Green Energy Technology in Public Buildings
​January 2017 State Energy Efficient Design (SEED) Report​
​December 2015 ​​2015-17 Biennial Energy Plan​
​July 2015 Energy Loan Program Biennial Report to the Legislature
​November 2014 Marine Transmission in Oregon Report
​October 2013 ​Study Results from HB 2105 (Energy Facility Siting Procedures)
​February 2013 ​Energy 101 Presentation to the House Energy & Environment Committee
​August 2012 ​Oregon State Energy Assurance Plan
​December 2004 ​Oregon Strategy for Greenhouse Gas Reductions
Oregon State Legislature
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