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The Oregon Department of Energy is authorized by Oregon Revised Statutes to adopt, amend, repeal, or renumber Oregon Administrative Rules. 
Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) are the codified laws of the State of Oregon, and can be adopted, amended, or repealed by the Oregon Legislature . The ORS gives agencies general and specific authority to conduct rulemaking.

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) are agency directives, standards, regulations, and statements of general applicability that implements, interprets or prescribes law or policy, or describes the procedure or practice requirements of an agency. The Oregon Secretary of State is the custodian for administrative rules for all Oregon agencies, and provides useful information on rules and the rulemaking process.  

ODOE rulemakings​ can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Changes to the rules for ODOE incentive programs
  • Changes to the rules for the Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC)
  • Changes to the rules for other ODOE programs, such as Oregon’s Renewable Portfolio Standard

ODOE and EFSC rules are found in OAR chapters 330 and 345​.

Rulemaking public meetings and workshops, rulemaking advisory committee meetings, and rulemaking hearings are open to the public, and we encourage Oregonians to attend and participate. For all rulemakings, people may provide their comments in writing during a rulemaking’s public comment period

Stay informed about ODOE's rulemaking activities by signing up to receive email notices through our GovDelivery system ,​ bookmarking our Google Calendar , and watching this page for updates.

Current Rulemakings

Recent Rulemakings
​​Alternative Fuel Vehicle Revolving Fund
Repealing Fund Rules​
​​Energy Facility Siting
Carbon Dioxide Standards, Phase One: ​Monetary Offset Rate
​Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tax Credits​
Program Sunset
​Energy Facility Siting
Incorporating ODFW Sage Grouse Rules​
​Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards
Embedded Small Battery Chargers
Energy Facility Siting
Site Certificate Amendment Process​​​
Human Resources​
​Amend Program R​ules​​
​​​​​​​Energy Facility Siting
Structural, Geologic, and Seismic Updates
1.5% Green Energy Technology Program
Woody Biomass Energy Technology​
​​​​​Energy Facility Siting
Public Health and Safety Standards for Wind Energy Facilities​​​
​Public Records Request Rules
Update Program Rules​​
​Renewable Portfolio Standard
Implementing SB 1547 Provisions Related to Renewable Energy Certificates
​​​Small Scale Energy Loan Program
Bond Refunding
​​​State Energy Efficient Design Program
Update Program Rules​​
​State Home Oil Weatherization Program
Program Update & Transfer to OHCS​
We keep public notices of our rulemakings and related materials on our website for one year from the date a rulemaking is formally adopted. Contact us to request information about agency rulemakings older than one year.


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