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Scoring Guides

Official State Scoring Guides (Plus Student Language Scoring Guides)

Official State Scoring Guides are required for use with Work Samples for the Essential Skills graduation requirement.

Essential Skills

* The Revised Writing Scoring Guide was adopted for statewide use by the State Board of Education in August of 2016. For the 2016-2017 school year, either the current Official Scoring Guide or the Revised Scoring Guide may be used for the scoring of Essential Skills writing work samples and local performance assessments. Beginning in 2017-2018, the Revised Writing Scoring Guide will become the Official Guide and the only one allowable for the use of scoring work samples to demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skill of Writing. Note that there are two versions of the Revised Scoring Guide to be used depending on writing purpose: one for narrative writing (personal or fictional narratives) and the other for explanatory or argumentative writing.

** The student language versions in the table above are based on the current Official Writing Scoring Guide. However, draft student language versions of the Revised Scoring Guide for grades 3-5 and grades 6-8 have been developed by Clackamas ESD. They are available for download and classroom use on the Clackamas ESD Draft Student Language Writing Scoring Guides page.

Additional Skill Areas

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