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High School Success (Measure 98)

About the High School Success Fund (Measure 98)

The High School Success fund was established in law to “improve students’ progress toward graduation beginning with grade 9, increase the graduation rates of high schools and improve high school graduates’ readiness for college or career.”

In order to improve graduation rates and college and career readiness, districts and charter schools must identify and focus these new resources specifically to support students that current programs are not successfully reaching or impacting. This means reaching out to students, families, communities, and education partners to identify underserved or marginalized student groups our systems are failing to support and taking an equity-based approach to designing and targeting new programs to ensure these students graduate college and career ready.

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Complete eligibility requirements are available in the Eligibility document.

The law calls out specific eligibility requirements and includes three programmatic areas where services should be provided:

  • career and technical education;
  • college-level opportunities and;
  • dropout prevention

It is important to note that programs in these areas are expected to improve high school completion rates and college and career readiness. This work presupposes a number of eligibility requirements are in place including collaborative meetings to address student needs, practices to reduce chronic absenteeism and dropouts, and equitable assignment to advanced coursework.

Districts and charter schools receiving High School Success funds are required to submit plans for approval by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). The plan must address the four-year vision to improve high school engagement and completion and college and career-readiness.

Key Dates and Activities

December 1, 2017
ODE Releases Self-Assessment Tool​
December 2017 - January 2018

District and charter schools complete self-assessment, addressing both eligibility and needs assessment requirements.

***Submission of self assessment to ODE by January 31, 2018​***

January - February 2018

ODE evaluates submitted self-assessments to determine eligibility and district needs. Self-assessments will be evaluated on a rolling basis as they are received.

January - February 2018
ODE shares feedback from the self-assessment with districts and charter schools to inform planning
January 2018
ODE releases planning tool with guidance to districts on planning
January - March 2018
Districts and charter schools complete High School Success Plan
***Submission of High School Success plan to ODE by March 31, 2018***
March - May 2018

ODE facilitates peer review process

​ODE provides plan feedback​

May - June 2018

​Grant agreements are distributed, reviewed, and signed by recipients and ODE.​

July 2018

ODE distributes 2018-19 funds​



Dual Credit Data 

As High School Success recipients think about their self-assessment and planning for use of their high school success funds, it is useful to look at the students who are participating in high school based college credit partnerships (college-level opportunities).  The dual credit reports by ESD and District are available to help in your planning. They include data from data from HECC (CCWD and Universities), ODE, and the National Student Clearinghouse.

Guidance and Supports Page

On the High School Success Guidance and Supports page you will find several guidance documents and videos.

Timeline for Plan Submission

The timeline for plan submission and reviews contains information for the 2018-19 school year.

Who should I be in touch within each district?

The institution contacts document lists the person in each district responsible for completing application materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ document provides current answers to the most common questions about High School Success.

Allocations of funds for 2017-19 and 2018-19

The allocations document provides the final grant award amounts for the High School Success Fund (Measure 98) and a complete listing of final allocations for both districts and charter schools.
Districts and charter schools have received grant agreements from the ODE procurement department stating the terms of the grant. This agreement allows reimbursement for eligible expenditures beginning July 1, 2017 and will last through the entire biennium so does not need to be fully expended until June 30, 2019.
Additional funds will be available July 1, 2018 for the 2018-19 school year. These funds will require an approved plan prior to disbursal.

Oregon Administrative Rules for High School Success

Oregon Administrative Rules for High School Success are found in Chapter 581 Division 13.

Additional Information

Pages on Freshman On-Track, College-level Opportunities, and Dropout Prevention are forthcoming and will be linked in the left column when they are active.

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