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Interstate 84 Troutdale Interchange (Marine Drive) JTA Improvement Project
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Latest News

updated: 11/23/15
Traffic Changes to Occur at I-84 Eastbound Exit 17 in Troutdale
Nighttime Traffic Impacts Coming Nov. 24
Starting Wednesday morning, Nov. 25, vehicles heading to Marine Drive from the I-84 eastbound exit 17, will be able to turn left onto Marine Drive. Vehicles will no longer have to travel on both the South and North Frontage Roads to reach Marine Drive. This will reduce travel time and congestion on the Frontage Roads.  This permanent change is the most noticeable benefit of this interchange project.
In addition several other lane changes will happen at night on Nov. 24. 
·         A new left turn lane and signal from Marine Drive to the I-84 westbound on-ramp will be added.  The change includes new westbound lanes on Marine Drive under I-84.
·         A new left turn from the North Frontage Road to southbound Marine Drive will also open.
·         Motorists turning right from the North Frontage Road to Marine Drive must yield to oncoming traffic due to changes in the right lane. 
In order to complete these changes, the contractor will turn on the new signals and open the new lanes on Tuesday night, Nov. 24* between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Wednesday morning.
This project will be substantially complete at the end of November. *This work is dependent on good weather and it could be rescheduled.
 For more information on the project, contact Susan Hanson, ODOT Community Affairs at 503-731-3490
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 Project Background Information

Construction Started on I-84 and Marine Drive Improvements in Troutdale
In March 2014, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) started work on the next phase of improvements to Interstate 84 in Troutdale. This project will focus on the interchange at exit 17 (NE 257th Avenue and Marine Drive) and the Marine Drive section.  The project is expected to be complete in November of 2015. 
See below for traffic impacts and detours for the nighttime construction work.
 project area map revised wo title.jpg

Project Information

The project will:
• Widen Marine Drive between the two frontage roads to allow for two-way traffic.  So vehicles exiting     I-84 eastbound can turn directly on to northbound Marine Drive instead of traveling all the way around on the Frontage Roads.
• Replace the existing I-84 overpass bridges at Marine Drive with a new bridge.  It will be longer to accommodate the widening of  Marine Drive to 5 lanes and sidewalks and also higher to accommodate vehicles up to 17 feet, 4 inches high.
• The two Marine Drive intersections at the Frontage Roads will  also be improved. The existing free-flow right turn lane from the North Frontage Road onto Marine Drive will be moved closer to the intersection to increase drivers’ visibility as they first yield and then merge with the new northbound traffic on Marine Drive.   Drivers on the North Frontage Road also will be given more space to merge into their desired lane.
• Provide a longer left turn lane on North Frontage Road for vehicles turning south onto Marine Drive.
• Add bike lanes in both directions of Marine Drive under I-84.
• Add a new sidewalk on the west side of Marine Drive under I-84.

Traffic Impacts

Construction work will occur at night and on weekends. Closures and detours will be publicized in advance.
Motorists traveling I-84 during the daytime will experience only minimal traffic impacts and no daytime lane closures.
• Ramp Closures: There will be periodic on and off-ramp closures, eastbound and westbound at Exit 17 at both Marine Drive and SW 257th/Graham Road.
• Marine Drive Closures: There will be occasional weekend full closures of Marine Drive between the North and South Frontage Roads. Motorists will be detoured to NE 238th and SW Halsey Street.
• I-84 Closures: Expect intermittent single lane closures on I-84 both eastbound and westbound.
• Additionally, there will be periodic nighttime full closures of I-84 in each direction but not at the same time. Motorists will be detoured onto the Frontage Roads.
Current Construction Photos
Building the new overpass at Marine Drive
More Project Information      

NE Marine Drive Overpass - Existing & Proposed (Conceptual)
Click images to enlarge


                  Current overpass                                                                    Final overpass and lane configuration
Why are these improvements being made?
The I-84 Troutdale interchange (exit 17) is an important freeway connection to many businesses at the eastern end of the Columbia industrial corridor, as well as Troutdale’s residents and visitors. A recently constructed FedEx Ground distribution facility located on industrial land owned by the Port of Portland north of the interchange and the potential for added commercial growth in this area are expected to bring more traffic.
This project, and the two projects that have already been completed, will help improve operations and safety at this interchange, and improve freight access between I-84 and the industrial properties to the north.
Why does the free-flow right turn lane from the north Frontage Road
onto Marine Drive have to be removed?
This project will widen Marine Drive under I-84 to allow vehicles to travel in both directions. This means motorists exiting I-84 eastbound at exit 17 will be able to turn left onto Marine Drive from the end of the exit ramp, instead of looping around on the frontage roads. As a result, motorists turning right from the north Frontage Road onto Marine Drive will have to watch out for, and yield to, oncoming vehicles before they can make their turn, which they don’t currently have to do.
Keeping the free-flow right turn lane would make it more difficult for motorists to merge safely with the new traffic on Marine Drive northbound coming from the I-84 eastbound off-ramp, especially because they’re not used to doing it. To help improve safety and operations, the right turn lane will be moved closer to the signalized intersection and motorists will be required to yield to oncoming traffic on Marine Drive before making their turn.

Project Schedule

Project Start: March 2014
Project Completion: November 2015 (expected)


Background on the project

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has made several improvements to the interchange at exit 17 (NE 257th Avenue and Marine Drive) on Interstate 84 in Troutdale over the last few years—the most recent of which was completed in 2011.  

Questions? Please contact

To receive project updates electronically or for more information, contact:

Susan Hanson
ODOT Community Affairs Coordinator