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Reproductive and Sexual Health

Reproductive and sexual health are important to our overall health.

The right information can help reduce unintended pregnancy, prevent disease and ensure safe and nurturing sexual relationships.

Oregon public health programs promote healthy sexual relationships, assure access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, and provide accurate and current public health information and resources. We evaluate reproductive and family planning services and individual needs across the state through analysis of clinical services and the health of populations who need those services.

The Oregon Reproductive Health Program works with over 165 clinics throughout the state to offer free or low-cost reproductive health services and birth control for women, men and teens who need them. This program seeks to reduce unintended pregnancy in Oregon by providing access to the information, services and resources necessary to ensure that all pregnancies are healthy, well-timed and intended.

We're all different. We have different needs, different bodies and different lifestyles. It's important to find a birth control method that fits your life.​

Looking for birth control information? Find health education materials related to birth control, adolescent sexuality and teen support, HIV/STDs and tools for providers.

Find tools and resources for all reproductive health providers, including Title X and CCare.


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