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Program Element 46

What is Program Element (PE) 46?

PE 46 is the new Reproductive Health Program Element (PE) titled, Community Participation and Assurance of Access to Reproductive Health Services. It was developed in collaboration with CLHO and approved in February 2018. The funding for PE 46 is Title X and is based on a new formula that incorporates a number of factors, including: county population, urban vs. rural communities, Chlamydia rates, and Women in Need. PE 46 will be added to the FAA in September 2018 (based upon award of Title X grant funds by OPA). 

The focus of PE 46 is to assure access to clinical RH services throughout the state. LPHAs will be expected to work with community partners to identify gaps and barriers to service, and develop and implement plans to enhance access, especially for those most marginalized. This work aligns with the goals of public health modernization and the Modernization Manual was referenced to determine the deliverables.

Click the map below to see where PE 46 agencies are located:


PE 46 Webinars

Below are links to the recordings and slides of the monthly PE 46 webinars. If you have questions, please contact Dolly England at

PE 46 Kickoff (Sept 2018)
What's the 411? (Oct 2018)
Only YOU Can Help Increase Cancer
Screening Rates
(Nov 2018)
Data (Dec 2018)
Transportation (Jan 2019)
Intimate Partner Violence and
Reproductive Coercion (Feb 2019)

Tools & Resources

To help you create your Local Plan and Budget

Local Program Plan Form

To help you connect with local organizations
Oregon County Community Profiles is a snapshot in time of medical providers and community-based service organizations listed by county. The organizations listed have not been vetted to confirm what services they provide. The purpose is to provide a starting point for RH Program providers and PE 46 agencies to develop relationships with local organizations with the goal of increasing access to reproductive health services.

Data Resources
List of PE 46 Resources: this list may be helpful as you conduct PE 46 work within your community.

Clackamas Action Plan: this is an example of an Action Plan Clackamas County created to prioritize and implement PE 46 work within their community.

Sample focus group questions used in Linn/Benton Reproductive Health Needs Assessment in both English and Spanish.

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