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RH Community Outreach

RH Community Outreach, Education, and Enrollment Project

The Oregon RH Program is excited to announce our Request for Proposals for our Reproductive Health Program Community Outreach, Education, and Enrollment Project. 

We are seeking proposals from up to 8 Community-based Organizations that are actively working in service of immigrant communities, communities of color, and populations experiencing inequities in health outcomes. This project presents an opportunity to decrease inequities in reproductive health outcomes by integrating increased cultural responsiveness into our program’s work. It will build on the strength, reach, and skills of CBOs, and in turn support those CBOs with the expertise and high-quality services of our program and clinic network.

Below you will find a link to the description of the project, including information and guidance about accessing this RFP (#4942), and instructions regarding different ways to submit a proposal. The RFP will be open until February 12. 2000 and can be accessed via ORPIN at All questions related to this RFP should be submitted to: John F. Gardner as the Single Point of Contact (SPC) for this RFP, via email to:

For technical questions about using ORPIN, ORPIN registration, or downloading this opportunity, please call the ORPIN Help Desk at (503) 373-1774 or send an email to We also encourage you to share this RFP far and wide with your community partners.

          RH Program Community Outreach, Education, and Enrollment Project Description

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