Expedited Endorsement

In 2009, HB 2435 created a program to license physicians in a more expedited manner.  Since the passage of that legislation on June 26, staff at the OMB have worked enthusiastically to develop the new program.
At its October 2009 meeting, the Oregon Medical Board passed a temporary Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) that further defined this legislation.  Final rules were approved at the January 14-15, 2010 Board meeting.
The approved rule allows for qualified applicants who have practiced in other states to forego primary source verification of core credentials.  Board certified eligible applicants would not be required to provide a Dean's letter from their medical school, or residency evaluation.
To qualify for licensure by expedited endorsement, an applicant must be licensed in another state for at least one year and be eligible for primary source verification of core credentials from the state in which the physician was originally licensed; be in good standing in all other states licensed; have no significant malpractice claims; and have one continuous year of current, active clinical practice immediately before applying or have been retired for one year or less immediately before applying. 
Rules for licensure by Expedited Endorsement