General Application Information

Eligibility Requirements for Licensure in Oregon​   

  •  Examinations
  •  US/Canadian Medical School Graduates 
  •  Board Approved International Medical Schools Graduates
  •  Other International Medical Schools Graduates
  •  US Podiatric Medical School Graduates

Application Requirements & Instructions

  • Important Application Information
  • Documentation Required
    • Items to be sent to the Board from you, the applicant
    • Items to be sent to the Board directly from the primary source
    • Personal History Questions

Medical Practice Act (MPA) & Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Laws – Open Book Examinations

Expedited Endorsement

Military Spouse Licensure

Handbook for Physicians Practicing Medicine in Oregon​

Printable Application Checklists

     MD/DO/DPM Full License

     MD/DO/DPM Limited License Postgraduate


Supplemental Forms

To assist you with fast and accurate information on the status of your application or questions about your license, please contact the Licensing Call Center:
9 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 3 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
​Phone: 971-673-2700
In all correspondence with the Call Center, please include your Applicant Number, Date of Birth, and ONLY the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number to ensure confidentiality.
​The Board looks forward to receiving your application and helping you through the licensure process.