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Coastal Coho Project
The Oregon Coast Coho Conservation Plan represents an important step forward for the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds through implementation of the Native Fish Conservation Policy (NFCP).  It gives Oregon the ability to implement a successful conservation program across the coast coho Evolutionary Significant Unit (ESU).
The Oregon Coast Coho Conservation Plan’s purpose is to ensure the continued viability of the Oregon Coast Coho ESU and to achieve a desired status that provides substantial ecological and societal benefits.

Coastal Coho Conservation Plan
Oregon Coast Coho Conservation Plan for the State of Oregon (pdf 394 kb)
Appendix 1 Facilitator's Report
(pdf 107 kb)
Append. 1 Attachment I: 1st Draft Comments(pdf 784 kb)
Append. 1 Attachment II: 2nd Draft Comments(pdf 307 kb)
Append. 1 Attachment III: Protocols for Coho Stakeholder Process(pdf 50 kb)
Append. 1 Attachment IV: Summaries of the Stakeholder Team Meetings(pdf 820 kb)
Append. 1 Attachment V: Stakeholder Team Meeting Locations & Issues (pdf 141 kb)
Append. 1 Attachment VI: Comments from Public Meetings (pdf 67 kb)
Appendix 2 Desired Status: Measurable Criteria for the Oregon Coast Coho Conservation Plan
(pdf 254 kb)
Appendix 3 Description of Oregon and Federal Commitments
(pdf 978 kb)
Appendix 4 Description of Research Topics Identified in Coast Coho Conservation Plan
(pdf 37 kb)
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission Review for Adoption of Conservation Plan
January Coastal Coho Public Comments Part 1
(pdf 8.2 mb)
January Coastal Coho Public Comments Part 2
(pdf 12.3 mb)
Public Comments Inadvertently Left Out of Jan. 11, 2007 OFW Commission packet
(pdf 5.7 mb)
NOAA Conservation Plan Comments Received January 29, 2007
(pdf 478 kb)
January Commission Exhibit E
March Commission Exhibit F

Coastal Coho Conservation Plan Annual Reports
2008 OCCCP Annual Report Card 
2007 OCCCP Annual Report Card

Oregon Coastal Coho Assessment
The State of Oregon and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries) are engaged in a collaborative project to address the conservation of coastal coho on the Oregon Coast. The primary objectives of the project are to:
  1. Assess actions under the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds to conserve and rebuild coastal coho populations.
  2. Use the assessment to inform NOAA Fisheries' decision on listing coastal coho under the federal Endangered Species Act in summer 2005.
  3. Use the assessment as a basis to seek legal assurances for local participants.
  4. Use the assessment as a foundation for developing a conservation plan for coho consistent with the Oregon Plan and the state's Native Fish Conservation Policy, as well as federal recovery guidelines.
Final Oregon Coastal Coho Assessment
ODFW Comments: 2009 NOAA Fisheries Status Review, Oregon Coast Coho ESU

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December 17 , 2004, IMST
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