Tribal Affairs

Nadja Jones, Tribal Affairs Director

Office of the DHS Director
Nadja provides the direction and oversight, focusing on the government-to-government relationship between the DHS and Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribes and tribes outside Oregon. As director of Tribal Affairs, she has special responsibility with respect to the state’s ICWA compliance, but her work broadly includes all services provided by the DHS. She is charged to especially consider opportunities to eliminate disparities and enhance department and tribal efforts to promote the health, safety, and independence of Native Americans living in Oregon.


Christine Kamps, ICWA Consultant

Oregon Department of Human Services
Christine began her employment with the Department of Human Services in 2007 in the Indian Child Welfare Unit and worked primarily on ICWA permanency cases. In 2011, she obtained a position in East Child Protective Services as an ICWA liaison, where she developed a leadership project to have one primary ICWA CPS consultant assist the district with ICWA compliance. Currently, as a consultant, Christine assists the Department of Human Services with ICWA compliance and provides ongoing technical support to Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribes.


Emily Hawkins, ICWA Consultant

Oregon Department of Human Services
Emily began her employment with the Department of Human Services in 2009 working primarily with permanency cases. In 2011, Emily  transitioned into carrying ICWA permanency cases. In 2014, Emily was hired as the Active Efforts Specialist for Marion, Polk & Yamhill  Counties. During her time as the Active Efforts Specialist, Emily assisted in writing a new ICWA Search Procedure for the Polk and Yamhill offices, she also assisted in developing and implementing many different procedures to ensure ICWA compliance from CPS assessments through Permanency cases. In her current consultant role, her focus is on providing support assistance to the nine federally recognized tribes of Oregon and maintaining ICWA compliance for the Department of Human Services staff and field structure.

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