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Domestic Violence

​​​​What help does this program provide?

This program can give temporary financial help to families whose safety is at risk because of domestic violence​. Most often this is when a domestic violence survivor and their children are fleeing domestic violence or are at risk of going back to an abusive situation.

The program can help with up to $1,200 over a 90 day eligibility period. Payments are given directly to the landlord or other service provider. They money can be used to help pay for:

  • ​Relocation costs - For example, deposits for rent and utilities, replacement of items left behind like clothes and furniture.
  • Items that help address safety - For example, new locks, security cameras or post office boxes.

The amount you receive is based on your situation. Your worker will explain how your benefits can be used.

How to apply​

Call ​your local office to talk about the safest way to apply (in person, mail or fax).

Find an application: ​

English  |  English Large Print  |  Español / Spanish  |  Spanish Large Print  |  اللغةالعربية / Arabic  |  မြန်မာစာ / Burmese  |  繁體中文 / Chinese​नेपाली / Nepali  |  Русский / Russian  |  Af Soomali / Somali  |  Tiếng Việt / Vietnamese

Who is eligible? ​

People who are flee​ing domestic violence or trying to stay safe from domestic violence, and who:

  • Are a parent or relative caring for a minor child, or are pregnant.
  • Meet the income criteria for the program. (We only look at income that is on hand and available to you for any emergency needs.)
  • Live in Oregon.​​

Can you get help more than once a year?

Yes, if there is a current safety risk due to domestic violence. These requests are handled by a central office policy analyst. The analyst will help field staff identify any gaps in previous planning around safety.

​​​Ho​​w does ODHS define domestic violence?

It includes hurting, threatening or putting someone down or making them afraid. It also includes trying to control them or make them do things. The abuse can get worse over time. Domestic violence can happen between people in a family, intimate partners, or other people who live in the same house.