Oregon Criminal History and Abuse Records Data System (ORCHARDS)

What’s new in the Background Check Unit? New software replacing old software

The Background Check Unit (BCU) will be using a new database and processing system for abuse and criminal records checks. The new system, called the Oregon Criminal History and Abuse Records Data System (ORCHARDS) replaces the Criminal Records Information Management System (CRIMS) which has been in use since October 2011.

ORCHARDS is more secure and easier to use. Clients needing background checks will find ORCHARDS to be more user friendly and accessible to agencies and subject individuals. ORCHARDS was developed on behalf of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for the National Background Check Program. ORCHARDS is currently in use in 26 states and U.S. territories participating in the NBCP. BCU is working with programmers to customize some features for Oregon.

November 27, 2019 ORCHARDS Update

Movement behind the scenes is fast and furious although most is still work “below the soil” of ORCHARDS. We have updated the video section below, adding a few and making the existing one easier to view. Some of the videos now have Quick Reference Guides which walk you through the video and link you to important points.

Continue using CRIMS; we will announce a Go Live date for ORCHARDS when we know. Currently the only trainings are in the videos below!

October 8, 2019 ORCHARDS Update

Background Check Unit staff continue to work feverishly to make ORCHARDS a reality! Although the foundation of ORCHARDS is a background check system used by several other states, we are configuring it to meet Oregon’s specific needs which are complex and varied. Primary functions of ORCHARDS are still under construction; once they are complete and have been tested, we will have a better idea of our Go Live date.

In the interim, here are some great introductory videos!


If you are a user in CRIMS, you will be a user in the ORCHARDS background check system. Please review the following videos for training purposes.

NOTE: This system is still under development. Therefore, some of the information in these videos may change prior to launching ORCHARDS. As the system changes, we will update the videos to capture those changes and indicate the update in the sections below as “NEW.”

Subject Individuals

The following videos will help the subject individual complete the background check application in ORCHARDS. If you are applying for a job and your background check is processed by the DHS Background Check Unit or are interested in the subject individual’s part of the background check process, please review the following videos to learn about our ORCHARDS background check system.



BCU will provide updates regarding the implementation of ORCHARDS on this webpage.


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