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Healthy Teen Relationships Resource Guide
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My Future-My Choice Database Form
My Future-My Choice Teacher/Facilitator Training Preparation Form & Checklist
My Future-My Choice Teen Leader Training Preparation Form & Checklist
My Future-My Choice Training Materials Order Form


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Teen Leader Forms

Application for Teen Leader
DHS Photo/Video Release Form for a Minor
DHS Photo/Video Release Form for an Adult
Evaluation of Teen Leader Performance
Reasons for Termination Form
Teacher/Parent Notification Letter
Teen Leader Availability Form
Teen Leader Interview Questions
Teen Leader Letter of Agreement
Teen Leader Notification Letter
Teen Leader Participation and Transportation Authorization Form
Teen Leader Recommendation Form
Teen Leader Rejection Letter
Teen Leader Selection Standards Form
Teen Leader Student Medical Information Form

Publications and Reports

House Bill 2509
My Future-My Choice August 2012 Pre/Post Student Evaluation and Executive Summary
Oregon Administrative Rule 581-022-1440 Human Sexuality Education


Web Resources for Teachers, Teens and Parents

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health
Oregon Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Oregon's teen pregnancy rate has continued to decline over the past years thanks to collaborative community-led efforts.
Web site for teens with information about relationships and teen pregnancy prevention
Web site for teens looking for honest, accurate information and advice about health, relationships and growing up.
The National Campaign
A wide range of information and resources to support the prevention of teen pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy among young adults.
The Rational Enquirer
A publication of the Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force


Positive Youth Development Approach

​The Positive Youth Development approach is a state investment strategy, ensuring that youth voices are heard in decisions that impact them and that youth are engaged as resources in partnership with adults in civic activities. This approach will result in positive outcomes for youth in the areas of academic success; school and community connectedness; self confidence; employability; social development skills; physical and mental health; and an overall sense of well-being. (The America Promise Alliance Report - Every Child, Every Promise: Turning Failure into Action, 2006).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan
Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan Appendices