​​In March 2018, Gov. Kate Brown requested a monthly progress report on Child Welfare. In April 2019, the Governor issued Executive Order No. 19-03 which created a Child Welfare Oversight Board to assist her in making and implementing recommendations to improve Oregon’s system for supporting safe children and thriving families. The report is published monthly and was revised in June 2020 to share progress on the directives from the Governor and the Child Welfare Oversight Board. 

This Month in Child Welfare​

As we close out the year, I am grateful for the immense amount of work our staff, partners, providers, and families have done. In 2021, we navigated the evolving global health pandemic of COVID-19, wildfires that filled skies with smoke and destroyed homes, and joined our community in standing up for equality and justice. We responded and reacted to these major issues with a focus on streamlining service and supporting families.

​​​​This year our Child Welfare Division was busy sharing Oregon's Vision for Transformation and integrating it into actionable policies and practice to create a strong child and family wellbeing system. Some highlights include:

As shown, there is much work being done, and yet still more to do. I am proud of our work this year and look forward to next year's plans of launching a new online Resource Family training, centralizing and expanding respite care for families, building the new family preservation program and adding a continuous quality improvement team. In 2022, we will continue making progress together.  

With appreciation,    

​Rebecca Jones Gaston, MSW (she/her)
Child Welfare Division Director